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Extremely Fine Exhibition Quality Engraved and Gold Inlaid Colt Government Model Semi-Automatic Pistol
  LOT 1546
Magnificent Exhibition Quality Relief Engraved Gold Inlaid Mexico Shipped Pre-War Colt Government Model Semi-Automatic Pistol with Factory Letter - Serial no. C208335, 45 ACP cal., 5 inch round bbl., blue/gold inlaid finish, smooth grips. The accompanying factory letter states this pistol was part of a 100 gun shipment to Armeria La Proveedora Mexico, D.F., Mexico, on August 7, 1941. Between 1922 and 1941 Mexico procured 5,400 pistols, mostly by the Mexican government. It is believed that this pistol was commissioned by the Government of Mexico as a presentation piece for the Captain of the U.S. Pistol Team in the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. The pistol has a blue finish and is fully covered with exhibition quality relief engraving on a stippled background. The pistol features a gold-inlaid Rampant Colt on the right side of the slide and the gold-inlaid initials “MLC” on the grip strap. In addition to the deep chiseled relief scroll engraving and gold inlays, the pistol is relief-carved with: (1) the
head and shoulders image of Francisco “Pancho” Villa wearing a sombrero and two cartridge bandoleers located on the top of the slide in front of the ejection port, (2) the Mexican Eagle and Rattlesnake national insignia on the top of the slide ahead of the rear sight, (3) a shooter firing a pistol from the hip at three silhouette targets on the right side of the slide, (4) the five-ring Olympic Games insignia on the underside of the frame in front of the trigger guard and (5) a crown and shield heraldic crest on the grip strap.

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