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  An Ernest J. Evans in Quebec is also listed as “Commanderie et Prieuré William de la More le Martyre No 25 de l’Ordre du Temple” in 1913 and 1922, which appears to be the leader of a Canadian Free Mason’s lodge, but additional information on this individual
as well as the company is illusive. The pistol itself is beautifully machined, and the configuration of the
parts and components are identical to the standard Colt Model 1911s. It has blued small parts such as the barrel bushing, magazine release, hammer, grip safety, thumb safety, and slide stop. The pistol is very well machined, polished, and assembled unlike others we have seen, which may indicate this was actually one of the factory produced and assembly models. The hammer is a wide version very similar to the Colt production models,
and the grip panels are the standard WWI diamond checkered walnut versions. The magazine is a blued half- tone pattern magazine which has the letter “R” on the lip of the base plate.
CONDITION: Exceptionally fine with all the major components still in their original white except for the hammer, grip safety, slide stop lever and thumb safety, which are all blued. The pistol itself has dried grease along the edge of the parts and barrel from where it has been sitting. The grips are very fine with loose unstaked grip escutcheons on both panels. Underneath the
grip on the top left of the frame is scratched “5810/57” over “PSE” over “JULY 14/58”. Mechanically excellent. Quite possibly a one-of-a-kind North American Arms attributed Prototype M1911 pistol.
Provenance: The Gus Cargile Collection.
Estimate: 20,000 - 35,000
 Important Historic Note
In early July 1918, the U.S. Government issued a contract for 500,000 Model 1911 pistols to the North American Arms Co. Due to the armistice of November 1918, the contract was canceled in December of 1918 with no examples of completed pistols having been accepted by the U.S. Government.

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