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  LOT 1605
Very Fine U.S. General Motors Guide Lamp FP-45 Liberator Single Shot Pistol with Scarce Original Box and Ammunition - NSN, 45 ACP cal., 4
inch round bbl., bright finish, metal grips. The Liberator was developed to provide citizens of occupied nations a tool of resistance without inadvertently providing useful material to the occupiers and was conceived, developed and manufactured in 1942. The Guide Lamp Division of General Motors was tapped to produce the actual firearm, dubbed the Flare Pistol, 45 Caliber (FP-45) as a cover name, a collection
of sheet metal stampings and cast
zinc components assembled around a smoothbore barrel. While inexperienced
with arms production, Guide Lamp stepped up admirably and cranked
out over a million of the deadly little contraptions in a matter of months.
The pistol is devoid of markings, with
a set of 3 oiler holes in the frame and
a hollow grip for ammunition storage. Included with the pistol is a heavily waxed cardboard box with an illustration of the pistol mid-discharge, a copy of the instruction sheet, and four rounds of .45 ACP ammunition.
CONDITION: Fine, showing a mottled bright grey and brown finish, the brown concentrated primarily on the grip area. Mechanically excellent. The box is good with much of the wax coating remaining and moderate wear.
Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000
  Collector’s Fact
1 of only approximately 100 Union Switch & Signal “EXP” marked pistols were produced.
   LOT 1606
Scarce Pre-Production “EXP” Series Serial Number 16 U.S. Union Switch & Signal Model 1911A1 Semi-
Automatic Pistol - Serial no. 16, 45 ACP cal., 5 inch round bbl., blue finish, plastic grips.
Representing the very beginning of 1911A1 production at Union Switch & Signal, the “EXP.” pistols were the very first trial run for the machinery, workers, and production line at U.S.&S., during which equipment and procedures were refined and prepared for full
scale wartime contract production. While the “EXP” pistols themselves were never intended for delivery to the Army, they played a critical role in preparing a company otherwise dedicated to railroad equipment to help fill America’s need for quality, combat-worthy
pistols. Approximately 100 “EXP” pistols were made in total, and at the conclusion of the war they were broken out of storage and finished out as a presentation series for important members of the company and selected government
officials. Finished in a fine full blue, this pistol follows the overall military pattern closely, with the company address and trademark on the left side of the slide and model nomenclature on the right. No U.S. inspector or property markings are present and the right side of the frame is marked “U S & S CO./EXP. No16”. Fitted with a flat top rear sight, short stamped trigger, long grip safety, thin checkered hammer, slide stop, thumb safety, and mainspring housing, reinforced checkered
grips, “L” marked full blue magazine, and a High Standard barrel. CONDITION: Extremely fine, retains 95% plus of the presentation style blue finish with some light wear on the front edges of the slide and a few small scattered patches of rough brown oxidation. The grips are excellent with a few scattered light handling marks and crisp checkering.
Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Gus Cargile Collection.
Estimate: 9,500 - 16,000

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