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  LOT 1642
U.S. Colt Model 1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol with Unique Long Barrel - Serial no. 275413, 45 ACP cal., 10 3/4 inch round bbl., blue finish,
walnut grips. Manufactured in 1918, this is a scarce example of a Colt Model 1911 “carbine”. The development of these pistols came about do to the need for more compact and rapid fire weapons in the trenches of World War I.
With many countries developing and deploying early submachine guns, these pistols were an effort to simply modify an existing service weapon to fit the needs of the military. Due to the relatively short U.S. involvement in the
    war and the development of the Pedersen device for the Springfield Model 1903 rifles, there was not enough demand to drive development of the Model 1911 carbine any further, making surviving examples incredibly scarce. A very similar example is pictures and described on p. 252-253 of “Colt Automatic Pistols” by Bady. The left side of the slide has the standard two-line, two- block patents dates and address, with the Rampant Colt behind the serrations, and the right side has the model marking. The left of the frame has the U.S. property marking and “JMG” inspection mark with the serial number on the right. It is fitted with blade and notch sights, a replacement experimental 10 3/4 inch full blue barrel marked “HS” on the lug, long smooth trigger, wide checkered hammer, short grip safety, mainspring housing cut for mounting a shoulder stock (not included), diamond pattern checkered grips, and an unmarked two-tone magazine.
CONDITION: Very fine, retains 80% plus of the original blue finish with the balance having thinned to a smooth grey patina, primarily on edges and the front strap. The grips are also very fine with some scattered light blemishes in the otherwise crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Gus Cargile Collection.
 Estimate: 4,500 - 7,000
    LOT 1643
H.G. Barner Marked Experimental Prototype Model 1911A1 Semi-
Automatic Pistol with Unique Finger Groove Grip Strap - Serial no. EXP.304-0662,
45 ACP cal., 5 inch round bbl., bright finish, checkered walnut grips. This interesting prototype
pistol appears to have been made up of mostly Colt manufactured parts, possibly even in the Colt
factory. The only external markings on the pistol are “H.G. BARNER” over the experimental serial
number “EXP. 304-0662” on the right of the frame and a “P” proof on top of the slide. It is unclear
whether or not Barner was a Colt employee or if he manufactured this interesting frame himself and used mostly
Colt parts to finish the pistol. The most prominent feature that this pistol appears to have been experimenting with is the front strap which has been machined with three deep finger grooves. Other than the front strap the pistol shows mostly 1911A1 features including blade and notch sights, wide checkered hammer, long grip safety, short stamped trigger, and
an arched serrated mainspring housing with a lanyard loop. The barrel is marked “F” on the bottom and “P” on the lug and the full blue magazine is unmarked.
bright grey patina overall and some scattered patches of brown.
t side. The grips are very good with some scattered light handling
 CONDITION: Fine, showing mostly in the white metal with a The trigger guard has had some metal removed from the lef marks and mostly crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Gus Cargile Collection.
Estimate: 2,000 - 3,500

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