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 LOT 1685 Historic Arms Bren Mark I Semi-Automatic Rifle with Accessories - Serial no. 1L0303, 303 cal., 24 inch round bbl., black finish, hardwood stock. Manufactured by Historic Arms using a destroyed Bren receiver, with proper modifications made to convert the item to a semi-automatic only closed bolt rifle. Left offset blade front and peep rear sights, with the Historic Arms address and 303 caliber marking added to the right side of the receiver. Fitted with a folding bipod, swiveling carry handle, steel-capped hardwood buttstock, tan canvas sling and an angled rear grip installed in the monopod slot. A number of accessories are included, with a folding field tripod, an extra barrel marked for 7.62x54R, fourteen magazines (per consignor 10 are .303 magazines and 4 are zb39 magazines for 8x56R) and six tan canvas magazine pouches. CONDITION: Very fine, with 95% of the matte black finish, showing some covered pitting and mild handling marks. The wood components show a number of dings and scuffs. Mechanically very good. Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
LOT 1686
Barr Armsmaker STEN Mark II Submachine Gun, Class III/NFA Fully Transferable Machine Gun, with Accessories - Serial no. BA8626, 9 mm cal., 8 3/4 inch round bbl., matte gray finish, metal stock. Manufactured in Texas using original British STEN parts built around a pre-1986 receiver tube. The STEN is considered one of the signature submachine guns of World War II. Blade front and peep rear sights, with a short heat shield integrated into the barrel nut and a two position selector button. No legible markings are present on the magazine well, with the serial number on the receiver and trigger housing. Fitted with a STEN skeleton buttstock and a canvas sling. “F15255” marked on the barrel (requires disassembly to view). “A84808” electro-stenciled on the bolt body. Two extra magazines are included, with a tan canvas magazine pouch. CONDITION: Very fine, with 95% refinished matte gray parkerized finish, showing some minor scuffing on the barrel assembly and scattered handling marks and edge wear. Mechanically excellent. NOTE: This weapon is a National Firearms Act (NFA), fully transferable Class 3, which is registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, (BATFE) under the provisions of 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 and 27 CFR part 478. Provenance: The Allan Cors Collection. Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
LOT 1687
Inert Display Model of the DP-27 Degtyaryov Machine Gun - Developed in the 1920s, the DP-27 was the Soviet Union’s go-to light machine gun for World War II, seeing use as both an infantry weapon and secondary armament for armored fighting vehicles. This example has a number of original components assembled on an inert aluminum frame, with post front and tangent rear sights, a folding bipod on the metal heat shield, and a “club foot” pattern stock with integral cleaning tool. One “platter” magazine is included. CONDITION: The receiver is a smooth black finish with some bright edge wear and handling marks. The vintage components show a mixed brown and gray patina, with scattered spotting and wear. The buttstock is rough, with cracks and chips. Not a complete parts kit. Estimate: 1,500 - 2,500

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