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    Rare Factory Prototype Barrett Firearms M82A1 Semi-Automatic Rifle with Experimental NP3 Nickel-Teflon Finish Formerly of the Barrett Factory Archive Collection - Serial no. AA000689, 50 BMG cal., 29 inch fluted round bbl., electroless nickel finish, steel stock. Developed in the early 1980’s the M82 series of weapons have been adopted by a number of military forces, where it’s long range striking power makes it useful for disabling vehicles and equipment, detonating enemy ordnance and battlefield sniping at ranges well beyond conventional rifle range. This example has been finished by the Barrett Factory via the NP3 method, an electroless nickel coating with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, known by the brand name Teflon) co-deposit. Unlike impregnated Teflon, which is applied after the nickel and only serves as an overcoat, co-deposited Teflon is applied simultaneously and is mixed through the entire depth of the nickel, providing for greater wear resistance and lifetime self-lubrication, combined with an attractive satin gray, non-reflective finish. A spring loaded folding blade front sight and a folding peep rear sight are integrated into the 23 3/4 inch top-mounted Picatinny rail, with a swiveling carry handle mounted. The signature 2-chamber chevron muzzle brake is mounted on the fluted barrel, with a ventilated receiver, folding metal bipod, AR-15 style grip and safety, and a rubber padded buttstock with “club foot” style hand rest. With a Pelican 1750 hard case. This was consigned to RIAC in September of 2015 directly from the skunk works at the Barrett Factory and was part of their Archive Collection.
CONDITION: Excellent, with 99% of the electroless nickel finish, showing a few light handling/storage marks overall. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 12,000 - 18,000
 LOT 1705

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