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    Collector’s Fact
This is one of a reported 10 manufactured for military testing.
LOT 1715
Extremely Rare Barrett M82A2 Bullpup .50 BMG Rifle with Case - Serial no. A010, 50 BMG cal., 30 inch fluted bbl., parkerized finish, metal stock, plastic grips. Manufactured as a shoulder firable version of the iconic M82A1 rifle, the M82A2 is of a bullpup design which moves the firing group ahead of the magazine and the buttpad on the back of the magazine well. To create
a stable firing position, a reverse angled fore grip is positioned at the front of the receiver. It is reported that only ten of these rifles were built for military testing purposes, but due to cost of production the military decided to pass on the rifle and continue use of the M82A1. The M82A2 also found its way to the silver screen on the set of Jurassic Park III. Includes a pelican case, an extra magazine, and M82A1 manual.
CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 95% original parkerized finish with scattered handling marks and mild wear. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 22,500 - 35,000

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