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 LOT 1769
Gorgeous Cased Factory Special Engraved Edition Smith & Wesson Model 29-2 Double Action Revolver with Factory Letter - Serial no. N741564, 44 Magnum cal., 8 3/8 inch solid rib bbl., blue finish, rosewood target grips. The factory
letter confirms this revolver is a Model 29-2 Special Engraved Edition and was shipped on May 5, 1981,
to Harry Sugarman Inc. in
Eynon, PA, in the current
configuration including
“Class A engraving.” It has
the standard markings and
sights, wide checkered
hammer spur, wide serrated trigger,
serrated grip straps, and beautiful
scrollwork engraving on the barrel, frame, and cylinder. It comes in a hardwood case with fitted interior that contains a screwdriver and a bore rod with both a mop and brush.
CONDITION: Excellent overall with 99% original
blue and casehardened finish with only a faint cylinder drag line and minor handling and storage marks. Mechanically excellent. The case is very good with mild storage wear including some deterioration of the interior. Overall a top level Model 29-2 with beautiful factory engraving.
Estimate: 5,000 - 7,000
LOT 1770
Rare Factory Engraved Smith & Wesson Model
469 with Presentation Case - Serial no. A840065,
9 mm cal., 3 1/2 inch round bbl., satin nickel finish,
plastic grips. Manufactured in 1983, this pistol is
also known as “The MINI”. It features a satin nickel
finish with floral scroll engraving on the sides of the
slide and frame, and on the bottom of the frame
and trigger guard. The trigger, slide catch, safety,
magazine release, rear sight and bobbed hammer
are finished matte black. It is equipped with fixed
sights with a yellow front sighting surface and
white outline rear sight. The grips are a wrap
around black plastic with the back strap checkered.
Serial number production is believed to have started at A840000 on this
model, which makes this pistol a very early production. Complete with
a wooden case with a brass plaque affixed to the lid that is engraved
royal blue lining and extra magazine. One of 25 factory engraved “first
issue” Model 469s produced.
CONDITION: Near new with only slight handling/storage marks.
Mechanically excellent. The case is excellent.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
LOT 1772
“RJS” Signed and Engraved Smith &
Wesson Model 27-2 Double Action Revolver
with Holster - Serial no. N36533, 357 magnum cal., 8
3/8 inch solid rib bbl., blue finish, goncalo alves grips. Manufactured between 1969 and 1972 and subsequently masterfully embellished with beautifully executed near full
coverage floral scroll engraving along with oak leaf designs. The revolver shows matching serial
numbers on the frame and butt. The gun is signed “RJS” under the cylinder release, this is very likely the signature of Master Engraver Russell J. Smith, who engraved for Smith & Wesson for many years. Includes a Hunter
eather holster.
CONDITION: Extremely fine as masterfully upgraded, retaining 99% blue finish, minor handling evidence, and
a noticeable spot of dark pitting/oxidation at the top of the back strap. The grips are very fine with a few minor scratches, tiny spots of varnish loss, and sharp checkering. The holster is very good with some wear and verdigris. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 1773
Scarce Steel Frame Smith & Wesson Model 39 Semi-
Automatic Pistol with Box - Serial no. 62305, 9 mm cal., 4 inch
round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. The Model 39 was the first
9 mm double action, semi-automatic pistol produced in the
U.S. Steel frame models, like this example, were first introduced
in 1954, but not assembled or sold until 1966 with only 927
manufactured. With original box with “Steel” noted in the special
features section of the end label, an extra magazine, instructions and registration card.
CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 95% plus original blue finish with edge wear on the slide at the muzzle, very slight thinning on the front strap and some minor handling marks. The grips are fine with minor dings and scratches and overall crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. The box is very good with a hole on the bottom and edge wear. Estimate: 1,600 - 2,750
LOT 1774
Cased Factory Engraved and Gold Inlaid Smith & Wesson Model 36-10 Texas Hold’em Edition Double Action Revolver - Serial no. TEX0584, 38 S&W special cal., 1 7/8 inch solid rib bbl., blue finish, plastic grips. Manufactured as part of a run of 1,000 guns, this set features gold bands at the front of the barrel and behind the cylinder flutes as well as 50% coverage floral scroll and playing card themed engraving with a gold inlaid dead mans hand on the sideplate. The sides of the barrel are otherwise marked with the standard Model 36 markings. Includes a Texas Hold’em themed display case with two decks of Smith & Wesson branded playing cards and full set of poker chips as well as the original hard case.
CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 98% plus original blue finish with limited handling marks and a faint cylinder drag line. Mechanically excellent. Both cases are very fine with storage and handling marks. Estimate: 1,200 - 1,800
       Collector’s Fact
One of only 25 factory engraved first issue Smith & Wesson Model 469s produced.
    LOT 1771
Smith & Wesson Model 1950 Target Pre-Model 26 Double Action Revolver - Serial no. S140008, 45 ACP cal., 6 1/2 inch solid rib bbl., blue finish, walnut stock, walnut grips. Manufactured in 1955/56. Standard markings and features including the target sights and matching serial numbers on the barrel, cylinder, butt, and right grip panel. CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 98% original blue finish, light cylinder drag lines, and minor handling evidence. Nearly all original case colors remain on the hammer and trigger. The grips are also excellent with a few light marks in the butts and sharp checkering. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750

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