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Outstanding Documented Civil War Tennessee Cavalry Inscribed Iron Frame Henry Rifle
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Extremely Rare Well- Documented Iron Frame New Haven Arms Company Henry Rifle with 5th Tennessee Cavalry Inscription - Serial no. 165, 44 Henry RF cal., 24 inch bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. This extremely rare iron fame Henry lever action rifle inscribed: “5th TENN. CAV. JULY/27. 1862.” in two lines on the left side of the side plate and frame. The New Haven Arms Company manufactured an estimated total of 400 Henry rifles with iron frames. Some 89 iron frame Henry rifles have been identified by collectors. This rifle, serial number 165, is listed on page 78 of “The Historic Henry Rifle” by Wiley Sword and pictured on page 159 of “Civil War Guns” by William B. Edwards. Tennessee regiments served in both the Federal and Confederate armies during the Civil War; there were two 5th Tennessee Cavalry regiments. The Federal 5th Tennessee Cavalry regiment was mustered into service on July 15, 1862, and saw extensive service with the Army of the Ohio and Army of the Cumberland between August 1862 and February 1865. The regiment had one officer and 68 enlisted men killed in action and one officer and 175 enlisted men who died of disease. The Confederate 5th Tennessee Cavalry regiment was organized in December 1862. The July 27, 1862, date inscribed on this rifle along with the fact that Henry rifles were primarily (although not exclusively) purchased by individual Federal soldiers indicates this rifle was carried by a member of the Federal 5th Tennessee Cavalry regiment during the Civil War. In addition to the iron receiver and buttplate, this rifle has a receiver rear sight dove-tail, loading lever loading lever without spur and buttplate with rounded heel that are features of the first 400 iron and brass frame Henry rifles. The lower tang has no provision for a lever latch, and the front edge of the receiver has a rectangular follower cut. The 24-inch octagon barrel has an integral 15-shot magazine, half-moon shaped, German silver, front sight blade and first style, folding leaf rear sight with “1000” yard mark beneath the center notch.

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