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LOT 1093
Documented Henry Deringer U.S. Indian Department Contract American Flintlock Long Rifle - NSN, 54 cal., 38 5/8 inch octagon bbl.,
brown finish, maple stock. Though best remembered for his iconic
pistols, Henry Deringer was also a prolific maker of rifles, particularly under contract with the U.S. government. This
       rifle is one of the rifles featured in the discussion of Henry Deringer’s Indian Dept. contract rifles on pages 384-386 of “American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume II: From
the 1790s to the End of the Flintlock Period” by George Moller and has his “GDM” collection mark ahead of the toeplate. The rifle is noted as “attributed to one of the
Indian Department contracts of Henry Deringer of Philadelphia in the 1812-1818 period.” He notes the use of an imported
English lock which has some simple engraving. The barrel was originally rifled and subsequently bored out smooth and has blade and notch sights star and
floral accents, and “*H-DERINGER*PHILA*” signed on the breech section. The brass furniture features some wavy line and star accents. The four-piece patchbox includes Deringer’s classic
eagle finial. The stock is curl maple and has a Roman nose profile, silver wrist escutcheon, and a silver plated brass cheek piece plate with the eagle and shield motif over “H: DERINGER. PHILADA”.
CONDITION: Good as reconverted to flintlock configuration with a mix of gray and brown patina, moderate oxidation/pitting, and applied artificial brown finish on the lock and barrel; braised repair on the barrel tang,
attractive aged patinas on the brass and silver, and mild overall wear. The stock is also good and has attractive figure mainly in the forend, some minor cracks and chips, wear around the lock mortise and at the breech, and cracked toe. Mechanically fine.
Provenance: The George Moller Collection.
Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
well-known for their trade rifles like this one. There are “39C” markings on many of the components, and there are “80” markings inside on the lock components. The barrel has blade and U-notch sights and is marked “H.E. LEMAN/
LANCASTER P” and “WARRANTED” on top in the breech section accented by wavy lines. The lock has scroll designs and is marked “LEMAN/LANCTR.PA.” The buttplate is iron, and the remaining furniture is brass. The stock has the painted false flame figure. A “GDM” collection marking is discreetly marked ahead of the toeplate. CONDITION: Very good overall with mix of dark brown patina and applied brown on the iron, some mild oxidation/pitting particularly on the buttplate, deep aged patina on the brass furniture, rerifled bore, crack and chips at the toe, crack at the tail of the lock, and mild overall wear including some dings and scratches. Mechanically functions fine (full-cock only). Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,500
LOT 1095 Henry Deringer Flintlock Indian Contract Type American Long Rifle - NSN, 48 cal., 42 inch octagon bbl., brown finish, walnut stock. This rifle was noted by George Moller as a U.S. contract Indian rifle from c. 1810. It has blade and notch sights, a partial “D/PHILADA” (DERINGER/PHILADA) marking visible on the breech along with an “eagle head/P” proof on the left, “DERINGER/PHILA” on the lock, and brass furniture. “M” assembly marks have been found on several of the components, including the side plate and multiple lock components. The same lock and patchbox style have been found on multiple Deringer trade rifles. CONDITION: Fair as reconverted to flintlock configuration with a blend of applied brown finish and brown patina on the lock and barrel, period resurfaced frizzen, replacement patchbox lid with modern trademarks inside, and moderate overall wear appropriate to an Indian trade rifle. The refinished stock is also fair and is somewhat undersized leading to some gaps, including around the lock. It has some cracks (some repaired), slivers and chips at the edges, and mild overall wear. Mechanically fine. A rare opportunity to acquire a Henry Deringer Indian rifle. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,500
 LOT 1094
Documented Henry E. Leman Full-Stock Percussion Indian Trade
Rifle - Serial no. 39C, 52 cal., 32 inch octagon bbl., brown/bright finish, maple stock. This rifle is featured in the chapter “U.S. Contract Arms for the Indians” in “American Military Shoulder Arms, Vol. II” by
George Moller on pages 389-391 and noted as an example from Leman in the 1840s-1850s. Henry E. Leman’s
shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was one of the most prolific makers of guns for the Indian trade and is particularly

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