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LOT 1096 Rare and Desirable 1799 Dated U.S. Springfield Model 1795 Type I Flintlock Musket with Bayonet - NSN, 69 cal., 43 1/4 inch round bbl.,
bright finish, walnut stock. The Model 1795 is historically significant as the first official standardized U.S. martial arm and the first firearm manufactured
LOT 1098
Very Scarce Documented Gurdon Huntington & Co. 1798 U.S. Contract Flintlock Musket with Bayonet - NSN, 69 cal., 45 inch round bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. Approximately 1,005 muskets were delivered by Gurdon Huntington & Co. of Walpole,
       at the U.S. armories. The Model 1795 was based on the French Model 1766 widely used during the Revolution, and was the main infantry arm of the War of 1812. This musket has the correct Type I markings of the 1799-1802 period, and the buttplate has the rare and desirable “1799” date. The Model 1795 Type I musket was manufactured by Springfield from 1795 and 1806 with those produced in 1799 being the first units to receive a manufacture date stamped on the buttplate. The lock is marked with the eagle and shield emblem (traces) over a script “US” at the center and “SPRINGFIELD” in a vertical arch at the rear. The left side of the barrel only has a “V” proof. The sling swivels hold a leather sling. “GDM” George D. Moller collection mark in the toe of the stock. The socket bayonet is marked “ROSE” and “US.” CONDITION: Very good. The metal surfaces have a bright appearance with light pitting. The touch hole has been re-bushed. The buttplate has been repaired near the tang. The stock is good with a stabilized crack running from the rear barrel band to the trigger, a few stress cracks, some chipping and minor handling marks. The bayonet is good with some chipping along the blade and some pitting. Mechanically Fine. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
LOT 1097
Hanoverian Model 1767 Flintlock Musket Attributed as Purchased for U.S. Military Use by Tench Coxe - NSN, 78 cal., 44 inch
round bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. These muskets are discussed on pages 13-18 of “American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume II” From the 1790s to the End of the Flintlock Period” by George Moller. This example does not appear to be one of those shown, but is noted in Moller’s notes as
one of the Model 1767s procured by U.S. Purveyor of Public Supplies Tench Coxe in 1808 and sent to the Schuylkill Arsenal. Due to their larger caliber than
the standard U.S. muskets of the era, they were considered unfit for field service but some of these muskets were issued during the War of 1812 due to the urgent need of arms. It has a bayonet stud on the underside of the barrel at the muzzle, a rounded blade front sight, “•O-C-6-•34•” marked on top near the breech section,
two small proofs on the left at the breech, the Hanoverian version of the Georgian cipher on the tail of the lock, brass furniture, “119” carved into the left side of the comb, “GDM” (George D. Moller) marked by the toe, and a leather sling. CONDITION: Very good with dark gray and brown patina, moderate pitting concentrated at the breech, a replaced frizzen screw, resurfaced frizzen, aged patina on the brass furniture, chip on the tail of the upper ramrod pipe, and moderate overall wear. The stock is about good and has mild scrapes and dings, a few cracks, some chips and slivers absent from the edges mainly on the forend, and some scrapes and dings. Mechanically fine. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000
New Hampshire under a U.S. Government contract between 1799-1801. This musket is based on the pattern of the French Model 1766 muskets of the Revolutionary War. This exact Gurdon Huntington & Co. 1798 U.S. contract musket is described and pictured in George D. Moller’s book “American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume II” on page 145. It is fitted with a bayonet stud on top of the barrel towards the muzzle, brass blade front sight fitted to the rear strap of the front barrel band. The lock is marked “WALPOLE/ NH” vertically at the tail and is marked with an eagle and shield motif (faint/partial) at the center. “G Huntington & Co” is marked on
the side plate, and “X” over “M” New England area acceptance marks are on the left stock flat. Sling swivels are fitted to the middle band and ahead of the trigger guard. “GDM” (George D. Moller) collection initials marked at the toe of the stock. Includes a socket bayonet (does not properly fit) and period leather sling marked “14”. CONDITION: Very good, exhibiting smooth mottled brown and gray patina overall with mild flash pitting. Stock is good as lightly sanded and re-oiled with some light scratches and dents, some light chips along the sides of the barrel channel, a crack ahead of the rear lock screw, some minor chips around the lock, and a few cracks on either side of the buttplate. Mechanically excellent. Included bayonet is good with scattered moderate pitting, sling is good with some cracking and age related wear. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000

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