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    LOT 1192
Exceptionally Fine Civil War Starr Arms Co. Model 1858 Double
Action Revolver - Serial no. 8650, 44 percussion cal., 6 Inch round bbl., blue/ casehardened finish, walnut grips. Model 1858 double action percussion revolver
manufactured by Starr Arms Co. c. 1862. The revolver has a high polish blue finish on the barrel, frame, six-shot cylinder, and trigger guard. The
 loading lever and hammer have a color casehardened finish. The one-piece walnut grip is oil finished. The round barrel has a dovetail
mounted half-moon front sight. A groove in the hammer serves as the rear sight. The right side of the frame is roll-stamped “STARR’S
PATENT JAN 15. 1856.,” and the left side of the frame is roll-stamped “STARR ARMS Co. NEW.YORK”. The serial number “8650” is stamped on the front of the frame, side of the cylinder and inside of the hammer well. All of the serial numbers match. “H” and “W” Ordnance sub-
inspection marks are stamped on the barrel, cylinder, side plate, and trigger
guard. An Ordnance final inspection mark that consists of four script initials inside an oval
border is stamped on the lower left side of the grip, and a sub-inspection mark of consisting of the script
initials “BH” in a rectangle with rounded ends is stamped on the lower right side of the grip. The Starr Arms Co.
delivered 16,100 Model 1858 DA revolvers to the Ordnance Department between January 1862 and May 1863.
CONDITION: Exceptionally fine. The revolver appears to be as issued and un-fired and shows only storage wear, with 85%
plus of the bright original high polish blue finish overall. The revolver has dark patches of flaking on the barrel and cylinder. There are scattered spots of surface rust on the barrel, frame, cylinder and loading lever. The flaking appears to be the result of surface preparation during manufacture and the surface rust is the result of storage. There is no flash pitting on the rear face of the cylinder or percussion nipples. The hammer and lever have vivid case colors. The one piece walnut grip remains in excellent condition with near perfect Ordnance final inspection and sub-inspection marks. This is an exceptional, original example of an important martially inspected Civil War percussion revolver.
 Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
 LOT 1193
Rare Pre-Civil War Savage
& North “Figure 8” First Model
Second Variation Brass Frame Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 95, 36 cal., 7
1/8 inch octagon bbl., blue/brass finish, walnut grips. This is an example of a rare early
Savage & North, Second Variation of the First Model, “Figure 8” percussion revolver that was one of 250
manufactured like it between 1856-59. This early Savage & North revolver has a brass frame, chamfered gas-seal chamber mouths, a lever that identify it as a Second Variation First Model Figure 8 revolver. The revolver has the distinctive Figure 8 shaped trigger guar Using the operators middle finger, the cocking lever is pulled between each shot to advance the six-shot cylinder, automatically coc
   Collector’s Fact
One of only 250 Savage & North 1st Model 2nd Variation
 “Figure 8” revolvers produced.
 historic engineering marvel for the time, with surviving examples few and far between. It is fitted with a brass cone front sight, a dovetail mounted rear sight is located on the top
strap. The top barrel flat is marked “E SAVAGE. MIDDLETOWN.CONN. CAST-STEEL” faintly. The top strap is marked “H.S.NORTH PATENTED.JUNE171856”. Serial number “95” is on the
bottom of the barrel, loading lever, inside the replacement sideplate (renumbered to match), left of the hammer, trigger guard screw, and back of the cylinder.
CONDITION: Very good, retaining 20% of the original blue, mostly on the cylinder, an attractive antique patina on the brass, the replacement left sideplate slightly darker, and the balance showing mostly a mottled grey patina and a few scattered patches of light pitting. The grips are also very good with some scattered minor dings and scratches. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
nd early type ramming
d and cocking lever.
king the hammer. A truly

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