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    LOT 1197
Civil War U.S. Remington Model 1863 “Zouave” Percussion Rifle with Saber Bayonet - NSN, 58 cal., 33
inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. 12,501 of these rifles are estimated to have been manufactured by
Remington during the Civil War for the Union. Government records listed
them as “Harpers Ferry Pattern” rifles, and
they have similarities to both the Model 1841 and Model 1855 rifles that were manufactured at Harpers Ferry prior to the Civil War but
are a unique pattern. The Model 1863 “Zouave” nickname is of unclear origins, and whether or not any of these rifles saw use in the war remains unclear and debated. This is a standard “1863” dated example and includes a spare nipple, pick and worm in the patch box. The barrel and lock are both dated“1863.”The stock flat has two script letter cartouches.“GDM”(George D. Moller) collection initials marked at
the toe of the stock. With a C.S. Storms leather sling, saber bayonet featuring 20 inch long blade along with a leather and brass scabbard.
CONDITION: Fine. The barrel retains 85% slightly faded original blue finish with a noticeable patch of pitting visible behind the rear sight. Half of the faded
original case colors remain on the hammer and lock. The brass has an attractive appearance. The reoiled wood is also fine with some minor handling marks and crisp cartouches. The bayonet is fine with a bright blade. The scabbard is also fine with some age cracking on the leather and overall bright fittings. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The George Moller Collection.
bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. Around 1,500 of these rifles were tract in 1859 to the early 1860s. These are considered to be the first bolt action arles Lancaster’s distinctive oval rifling. The design was patented by Lieutenant
Colonel James Durrell Greene of the 5th Massachusetts Militia (brevet brigadier general during the Civil War in the 17th United States Regular Infantry) and was manufactured at Asa H. Water’s armory in Millbury, Mass. Some were reportedly used at the Battle of Antietam by the Massachusetts militia, and the distinctive Greene cartridges with the powder ahead of the bullet have been recovered from that battlefield. It has a bayonet stud/blade front sight, notch and folding ladder rear sight, “GREENE’S PATENT/NOV. 17 1857.” on the upper tang, the serial number on the bottom of the bolt, and no visible government markings. Includes a socket bayonet marked “J.D.G” and a black leather sling. CONDITION: Very fine with 70% of the lightly fading original blue finish, 50% original case colors on the hammer, mostly smooth brown patina on the balance, some dark oxidation on the buttplate, and general mild overall wear. The stock is also very fine and has mild scratches and dings and smooth oiled finish. Mechanically excellent. The sling and bayonet are both fine. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
LOT 1199 Sharps New Model of 1863 Military Breech Loading Rifle - Serial no. C,37197, 52 cal., 30 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. Only 6,150 New Model 1863 rifles with front sights doubling as bayonet lugs were manufactured (C,30000-C,40000 range) compared to over 60,000 New Model 1863 carbines, making them a desirable Sharps variation. It has the standard markings and features, three barrel bands, sling swivels mounted below the middle band and below the buttstock, single letter inspection marks on various parts, “T.W.R.” (Thomas W. Russell) inspection initials on the left flat of the breech end of the barrel, “N.S.P.” inspection initials marked on the underside flat of the forearm ahead of the trigger guard, and two faint boxed script inspection cartouches on the left of the wrist including “AWM” (barely legible). CONDITION: Very good, retaining 40% original blue finish on the barrel with brown patina on the balance, scattered freckling, and thinning at the muzzle end. Traces of original case colors concentrated on the lock and left of the frame with gray patina on the balance and mild spotting. Wood is also very good with scattered scratches and dents, general period wear, and chips ahead of the forearm screw (screw is slightly marred). Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750 LOT 1200 Springfield Conversion Spencer Army Model Repeating Rifle with Bayonet - Serial no. 2392, 50 RF cal., 30 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. Approximately 11,470 Spencer Model 1860 Army rifles were originally manufactured and delivered between 1863-1865. 1,215 were altered after the war at Springfield Armory between 1867-1874 to fire .50 rimfire ammunition, lined with three-groove rifling, and were fitted with the Stabler cut-off as seen on this example. Spencers were easily among the most advanced weapons of the Civil War and remained in use during the late-19th century Indian Wars in the hands of both the U.S. Army and various Native Americans. This example has standard markings and features. “GDM” (George D. Moller) collection initials marked at the toe of the stock. Includes an unmarked socket bayonet and period leather sling. CONDITION: Very good, retaining 20% blue finish on the barrel concentrated at the muzzle and breech end with smooth mottled brown and gray patina on the balance, frame turned to a smooth gray patina with some scattered light pitting, and sharp markings in the metal. Wood is very fine with scattered light scratches and dents, a few chips behind the lock and behind the lower tang. Mechanically excellent. Included bayonet is very fine with sharp edges and some light pitting, sling is fine with some light cracking. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750
     Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
LOT 1198
Era A. H. Waters Armory Greene Underhammer Breech Loading
 Percussion Rifle with Bayonet - Serial no. 3550, 53 cal., 36 inch round manufactured for the U.S. contracts in addition to 3,000 for a Russian con firearms adopted by the U.S. Ordnance Dept. and are also the only U.S. contract weapons to use an underhammer system. It also has Ch
Very Fine Civil War

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