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 LOT 3132
Outstanding Nickel Plated Remington New Model Navy Cartridge Revolver with Pearl Grips - Serial no. 45066, 38 RF cal., 7 1/2 inch octagon bbl., nickel finish, pearl grips. These conversion revolvers were dubbed as the “Improved Navy” revolvers and many were not conversions as they
originally left factory as a cartridge revolver circa 1873-1888. The revolver features a 6-shot .38 cylinder and a loading gate and side rod ejector installed on the right side of the barrel and frame. A majority of these revolvers are believed to had been sold to B. Kittredge Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, a major distributor for western frontier dealers and stores. These revolver saw hard use on the frontier, and high condition example like this one are difficult to find. The top barrel flat has the three-line patent/address/New Model marking. The revolver wears pearl grips which are numbered to the gun on the backs. The barrel is numbered to the gun. CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 98% original nickel plating with minimal handling marks. The right grip panel has a repair at the toe and a couple chips, otherwise grips are very fine with highly attractive fiery colors. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The E.J. “Ted” Collection; The Milan J. Turk Collection. Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500 LOT 3133 Remington Double Action Conversion New Model Belt Revolver - Serial no. 54997, 38 RF cal., 6 1/2 inch octagon bbl., nickel finish, walnut grips. Manufactured from 1863 to 1873, and subsequently factory converted to metallic cartridge. Standard three line patent dates/address/model barrel marking, the first two numbers of the serial number on the barrel have been marked “54”, “99”, “7” and the matching number is on the left side of the butt under the grip. The rear face of the cylinder is stamped “1446” and the plate has the same number plus the number “7” which corresponds to the barrel. All nickel finish and fitted with smooth two piece walnut grips. CONDITION: Very fine with 95% period, possibly factory, nickel plating remaining. There is scattered minor flaking and the finish is beginning to take on a frosted appearance. With the exception of a few minor chips on the lower edges, the grips are good with 25% original varnish remaining and a few minor dents and dings. The markings are clear. The action is very good. Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection. Estimate: 2,250 - 3,250
LOT 3134 Remington New Model Single Action Belt Cartridge Conversion Revolver - Serial no. 3945, 38 RF cal., 6 1/2 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Manufactured from 1863 to 1873. Standard three line patent dates/address/model barrel marking, silver plated brass trigger guard, casehardened hammer and blue remaining parts. Blade front and frame notch rear sights, and fitted with smooth varnished two piece walnut grips. Number “53” is stamped on the back of the cartridge retention ring and rear face of cylinder. Number “3945” is stamped under grip on frame and barrel (underneath). The number “94” is also stamped under grip which does not match the cylinder number. CONDITION: Fine with 50% plus blue finish on the barrel and loading lever, with scattered minor flaking, minor spotting and edge wear, The “NEW MODEL” marking is not visible, the remaining marking is readable. The cylinder retains 20% scattered blue finish mixed with smooth brown patina. The frame retains strong blue finish in the protected areas with a smooth brow patina on the balance. There is some minor pitting forward of the cylinder. The trigger guard retains 60% silver plating with an aged patina on the exposed brass. The grips are very fine with 75% original varnish, some minor chips on the bottom edge and a few overall scattered minor dings and dents. The action is fine. Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000
LOT 3135 Remington New Model Police Conversion Revolver - Serial no. 206, 38 RF cal., 4 1/2 inch octagon bbl., blue/nickel finish, antique ivory grips. The factory conversion includes frame modifications to accept the two-piece cylinder. The barrel has the three-line patent/model marking and a slot for an absent front sight. The frame is blued. The hammer is casehardened. The remaining surfaces are nickel plated. The serial number is on the grip frame. The barrel has the conversion number “5267”. Although difficult to read, the cylinder appears to have number “526.” CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 90% original combination nickel plating and 60% original blue finish with a smooth brown patina on the balance. 97% original case colors remain on the hammer. The attractive undersized grips are fine with a series of grind like marks around the screw escutcheon and attractive grain and color. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Robert Howard Collection; The Milan J. Turk Collection. Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500
LOT 3136 Remington New Model Army Conversion Revolver - Serial no. 137026, 46 RF cal., 8 inch octagon bbl., nickel finish, walnut grips. This revolver was subsequently converted to cartridge, post Civil War. Top barrel flat has the patent date, address, and model marking with one letter inspection marks on most of the components and the 1855 patent date on the cylinder. All nickel finish. The serial number “137026” and the number factory conversion “2913” are stamped on the barrel and frame. A “C” is stamped under the barrel which is obscured by the cylinder pin. Fitted with smooth grips stamped with a JWK cartouche on the left panel and the number “2” on the bottom of both panels.
CONDITION: Fine. The revolver retains 70% of the once polished nickel finish with the balance a smooth gray patina with some light spotting (mostly on the cylinder). The grips are very fine with some chipping on the bottom edge and a series of minor dings on the bottoms, along with some minor handling marks. The cartouche is crisp and clear. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection. Estimate: 1,400 - 2,250

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