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   The receiver is short and features a scalloped type top and Hepburn’s flat side bolt. The uncheckered forearm and straight grip stock
are nicely figured walnut. The underside of the stock has a brass plaque marked “206,” a collection inventory number from
the Remington Factory Museum Collection. Remington was known
    to have kept numerous
examples of their own
prototype guns in the
collection for reference.
Transcribed from the
1920 Remington factory
collection inventory list,
written by Remington
factory employee
Melbourne Chambers, of
inventory number 206:
“Rem. Repeating Rifle
Hepburn Sporting Mod.
.42 cal. Center Fire.” A
1948 dated Remington
Museum inventory was
also made prior to the
sale of over 300 guns in which they listed which ones to retain or sell, and it has this gun listed by inventory number as manufactured by “Remington Arms Co.” as a lever action in 42 caliber and has a remark next to it that says “model.” CONDITION: Excellent as the first side ejection lever action likely made at Remington with the design later brought
by Lewis Hepburn to Marlin. The barrel and magazine retain 90% original brown finish with a
small spot on the left side of the barrel
towards the muzzle. The receiver retains
97% of the bright original high polish
blue finish. The hammer and forend cap retain 95% plus original case colors. 98% plus vivid original case colors remain
on the buttplate. 90% original niter blue remains on the loading gate. The wood
is excellent with some minor handling marks and nearly all of the original finish remaining. Mechanically excellent. As
the very first lever action repeater with
a side ejection, solid flat top receiver,
this historically significant prototype encompasses the genius of the man that is Lewis Hepburn, and is an important piece in the puzzle that defined Marlin’s iconic repeater design. It is a must have for the serious Marlin or Remington collector. Provenance: The Remington Factory Collection; The Milan J. Turk
Estimate: 40,000 - 60,000
Lewis L. Hepburn

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