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  LOT 3263
Remington Model 1875 Single Action Army Revolver
- Serial no. 224, 44-40 cal., 7 1/2 inch round bbl., nickel
finish, walnut grips. Approximately 25,000 Model 1875s were
manufactured between 1875 and 1889. Marked “E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION. N.Y. U.S.A” on top of the
barrel. The revolver features blade front and notch rear sights, the standard web-contoured ejector rod housing,
fluted cylinder and a lanyard ring. The left side of the trigger guard is marked “44” on the rear bow. The serial number
is marked on the left side of the grip frame under the grip. Fitted with smooth two piece walnut grips with the matching serial number “224” marked on the back of each panel.
 CONDITION: Exceptionally fine. The barrel retains 98% plus of the untouched, unpolished, original nickel finish with some scratches
overall, showing moderate scratches and dings on the bottom of the barrel. The frame retains 85% of the original nickel finish with
minor thinning on the loading gate, recoil shield and a small area on the left rear portion of the frame where a smooth brown patina
shows through. The cylinder shows 80% of the original nickel with a smooth brown patina on the balance and a few small areas showing some minor pitting. The grips are very fine with a few dings and handling marks. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 4,500 - 6,500
  LOT 3264
Scarce Remington Model 1888 Single Action Army Revolver - Serial no. 536, 44-40 WCF cal., 5 3/4 inch bbl.,
nickel finish, antique ivory grips. This is a scarce example of approximately 1,000 Model 1888 Single Action Army Revolvers
manufactured by Remington between 1888 and 1889. This revolver has a full nickel plated finish and is fitted with antique ivory
grips. The grips fit well and have nickel-silver screw escutcheons but do not appear to be Remington factory grips. The serial number
is stamped on the left side of the frame beneath the grips. The top of the barrel is roll-stamped: “E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION. N.Y.
U.S.A.” in a single line reading toward the muzzle. The caliber “44” is stamped on the left side of the trigger guard bow. The revolver butt
has no provision for the lanyard ring fitted on many Model 1888 revolvers. The scarce, limited production, Remington Model 1888 was a direct
competitor to the Colt Single Action Army and is one of the most sought after Remington handguns.
CONDITION: Very fine. The revolver retains 90% of the original nickel plated finish. The nickel-plating shows scattered light handling marks and has some flaking on the left side of the hammer on the right side of the back strap. The barrel and caliber markings are sharp. The grips show moderate wear and are in very fine condition with some age discoloration and slight shrinkage. There are chips in the butt end of each grip; the chip in the left grip has an old repair. The right grip has file marks adjacent to the back strap and a hairline crack in the butt. The hammer sits low in the safety notch; otherwise the action is crisp and functions perfectly. This is an attractive, original example of a very scarce and desirable Remington Model 1888 Single Action Army Revolver.
Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 6,000 - 9,000

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