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  The right side of the slide is marked: ‘AUTOMATIC COLT/CALIBRE 38 RIMLESS SMOKELESS” ahead of the ejection port. The left side of the frame has the serial number with a small hole directly behind it with the Browning handmade prototype slide stop as pictured in the above noted reference. This pistol has the high polish Colt commercial blue finish with niter blue barrel and trigger, casehardened rear sight and hammer with smooth walnut grips. This pistol retains an all blue and unmarked prototype magazine that has the small square notch cut on the left front edge of the magazine that is designed to allow the magazine follower to actuate the slide stop lever.
CONDITION: Extremely fine as modified by John Browning with 90% of the original blue finish overall, slightly fading on the grip straps with scratches on the side of the frame with a rub spot on the center, left side of the slide (where the notch was cut for the slide stop). The markings are clear and intact. The grips are very fine with nice original color on both sides showing minor handling marks and scratches overall from actual field use. A super rare opportunity for the advanced Colt collector to be able to purchase a truly significant Colt Model 1900 Prototype pistol.
Provenance: Shipped to Browning Bros. January 4, 1901; Colts Factory Collection; Collection of The Connecticut State Library; The William H. D. Goddard Collection; The Milan J. Turk Collection. Estimate: 40,000 - 60,000

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