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Outstanding Set of Two DWM Model 1900 American Eagle U.S. Army Test Lugers with Original 1906 Dated Leather Holster and Custom Deluxe Double Luger Huey Company Display Case -A) DWM Model 1900 American Eagle Test Luger Pistol - Serial no. 6069, 7.65 mm Luger Auto cal., 4 3/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut checkered grips. This is an excellent lot of two all original and very rare, DWM Model 1900 American Eagle, U.S. Army “Test Luger” pistols with an original late production U.S. marked 1906 dated brown leather holster. These two ultra rare Lugers have been cased in a beautiful deluxe custom made, leather bound, walnut display case manufactured by the Huey custom case company. The first pistol (SN 6069), is a beautiful example of one of the approximately 1,000 test Lugers purchased by the U.S. Ordnance Department for troop trials with the U.S. Cavalry. In April 1900 the Ordnance Board authorized the order of 1,000 DWM model 1900 Luger pistols, which were delivered in two separate lots; approximately 800 shipped 26 October 1901 (serial numbers approximately 6100-7100 range) with the remaining 200 shipped 901 (serial numbers in the 7200 range). This scarce pistol is serial number “6069” and falls slightly below the known U.S. Test Eagle serial number ranges, however it has the correct proof marks, indicating its originality. These test Lugers were actually produced expressly for the U.S. Army when they were interested in selecting a replacement pistol for the Colt U.S. Army Model 1894 revolver chambered for the inadequate 38 Rimless cartridge. These Lugers were produced as a standard 1900 commercial Luger and were then hand selected at the DWM factory for shipment to the U.S. Army. These Lugers are highly sought after by both German Luger collectors and U.S. martial handgun collectors as they are a key piece in any advanced collection. The most distinguishing features noted on these Test Eagle Lugers are, 1) there were no German acceptance proofmarks; 2) they lacked the typical “Germany” export markings usually found on the front of the frame or under the barrel; 3) some but not all of these test Lugers had a small German ordnance proof that resembled the U.S. Ordnance bomb proof, located inside the front frame recess area (which both of these pistols are correctly proofed); 4) the rounded portion on the opposite side of the takedown lever has the last two digits of the serial number; 5) sometimes this small DWM proof (similar to the US Ordnance proof ) is stamped in front of the recoil lug located on the underside of the barrel extension and some, but not all, have the bottom of the wooden magazine base proofed. At the conclusion of the tests, all these Lugers were deemed inadequate for U.S. military use and many were later sold to Bannermans’ for resale. The top of the chamber area is correctly marked with the Great Seal of the United States and are correctly serial numbered in the commercial fashion. They have all of the early features such as a grip safety, old style frame with short barrel extension, recessed breech bolt with flat extractor, and dished toggles with toggle lock on the side. They have the full serial number located on the major components with the last two digits of the serial number on various smaller parts along with the backside of both grip panels. These Lugers have a deep rust blue finish with straw colored small parts. This excellent pistol is complete with an unmarked nickel plated magazine with a wooden base. This Luger, as noted, is complete with an original 1906 dated U.S. marked leather holster that was manufactured by the Rock Island Arsenal. This rare holster is identical to the original 1901 dated Rock Island Test Eagle Luger holster. However, this example is marked on the back side “ROCK ISLAND/ARSENAL/1906/T.G” with the standard large embossed “US” inside the oval on the front flap. The back has the single large belt loop secured by two brass studs. As noted, this excellent Luger pistol set is housed in a beautiful, leather bound, French fitted walnut display/storage case.
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