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   LOT 3519
Early Production Remington-Smoot New Model No.
3 Spur Trigger Revolver with Scarce Blue Finish -
Serial no. 8362, 38 RF cal., 3 3/4 inch octagon bbl., blue
finish, plastic grips. The Remington-Smoot New Model No.
3 revolvers were manufactured from 1878 to 1888. It is estimated that approximately
12,500 of these early production New Model No. 3 revolvers were manufactured with
the bird’s head grip frame and barrel without a rib. This example is marked “E. REMINGTON & SONS.
ILION. N.Y. PAT. W.S. SMOOT. OCT. 21. 1873” on top of the barrel. The serial number is marked on the
frame under and over the cylinder. It features a half moon blade front sight and smooth plastic grips.
CONDITION: Very fine, retains 80% plus of the bright original high polish blue finish with the rear grip strap having thinned to mostly a smooth grey patina, primarily on high spots and edges. The grips are fine with a hairline crack in each panel and otherwise light handling marks. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 1,200 - 1,800
LOT 3520
Collector’s Lot of Two Remington-Smoot New Model
Revolvers -A) Remington-Smoot New Model No. 3
Revolver - Serial no. 17057, 38 RF cal., 3 bbl., nickel finish, hard
rubber grips. Manufactured 1878-1888. Standard one-line address/patent date marking on the barrel rib, bird’s head butt and barrel rib. The serial number is concealed on the top and lower straps but appear to read as listed above.
CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 95% original nickel finish with
scattered light flaking on the balance. The grips are excellent
with overall crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent.
B) Scarce Blued Remington-Smooth New Model No. 1
Revolver - Serial no. 1803, 30 RF cal., 2 13/16 inch solid rib bbl.,
blue finish, synthetic grips. Manufactured from 1875-1877. Standard one-line address/ patent marking on barrel rib, recoil shield affixed rigidly to the frame, and Remington smooth grips. Scarce and desirable full blued finish.
CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 80% original blue finish with a smooth gray patina on the back strap
and some flaking on the balance. 90% original case colors remain on the hammer. The grips are very good with a couple cracks and several age lines. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 1,100 - 1,600
LOT 3521
Collector’s Lot of Two Antique Remington Cartridge
Revolvers -A) Remington New Model Police .38 RF
Single Action Revolver - Serial no. 7043, 38 RF cal., 3 1/2 inch
octagon bbl., blue/silver finish, walnut grips. Manufactured from 1865 to
1873 in both percussion and factory converted or original .38 RF configuration, with
this example in the latter. It has the three-line patent/address/model marking on the top barrel flat, and the serial number on the left of the grip frame, bottom of the barrel, and hand marked on the inside of each grip. It has standard features.
CONDITION: Fine, retains 70% plus of the original blue on the barrel, cylinder, and loading
lever, traces of the original silver on the triggerguard, and the balance mostly a smooth brown patina or attractive antique brass. The grips are very good with a few scattered minor handling marks and retaining more than half of the varnish. The timing of the cylinder needs
adjustment, otherwise mechanically fine. B) Remington-Rider
.32 RF Pocket Revolver - Serial no. 6043, 32 RF cal., 3 inch
octagon bbl., blue finish, hard rubber grips. Manufactured after 1873, with a total
production of 2,000 split between percussion and rimfire configuration. The two-line
Remington address and patent dates is on the top barrel flat and the serial number is on
the bottom of the barrel and bottom of the frame.
CONDITION: Fine, the cylinder retains about 70% of the original blue finish, traces of
original blue elsewhere, and the balance mostly a smooth grey patina with a few scattered
patches of light pitting. The grips are very good with a couple minor flat spots in the otherwise crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 950 - 1,400
LOT 3522
Rare Cased
Remington 1st
Model Beals Pocket
Percussion Revolver
- Serial no. 363, 31
cal., 3 inch octagon
bbl., blue finish, gutta
percha grips. This
was Remington’s
first revolver model
and was only
manufactured c.
1857-1858 before
transitioning to the
2nd Model. This
is the “4th Issue”
variant with the “F. BEALS PATENT/JUNE 24. ‘56 & MAY 26. ‘57” marking on the top of the barrel and “MANUFACTURED BY/REMINGTONS/ILION N.Y.” marked on the top strap. It also features a German silver cone front sight and trigger guard and matching serial numbers visible in the trigger guard on the butt of the grip. It comes in a fitted case with a shell pattern powder flask, key, and brass double cavity round ball mold.
CONDITION: Fine with bright original case colors on the hammer, 40% original blue on the barrel and cylinder, mottled gray and brown patina on the balance, some mild oxidation/pitting, and moderate overall wear. The grip is also fine and displays an attractive aged tone throughout, some minor
marks and discoloration on the butt, and light handling wear. Mechanically fine. The relined case and accessories are very good with darker patina and some dents on the flask and minor age and storage related wear.
Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 850 - 1,300
LOT 3523
Collector’s Lot of Two Remington Rider Double Action Pocket Revolvers -A) Remington Rider Percussion Pocket Revolver - Serial no. 72, 31 cal., 3 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, gutta percha grips. This lot contains a blued percussion version from c. 1860-1873 and a nickel plated factory “improved” cartridge version from after 1873. Total production is estimated at around 2,000. They make an interesting representative pair, especially with the coordinating 72 and 572 serial numbers. The Rider revolvers were among the first double action revolvers made in quantity in the U.S. and were designed by Joseph Rider of Newark, Ohio. The percussion version has a dovetailed German silver “cone” front sight and the two-line address and patent marking on the barrel and matching serial numbers stamped on the barrel, frame, the German silver trigger guard, and grips. CONDITION: Very good with 40% original blue finish on the barrel, distinct markings, traces of original blue in the other protected areas, a smooth brown patina on the balance, and natural aged patina on the trigger guard. The grips are also very fine and have crisp checkering, attractive natural aged tones, a small hole next to the screw on the right, and light handling marks. Mechanically fine. B) Remington Rider Rimfire Pocket Revolver - Serial no. 572, 32 RF cal., 2 3/8 inch octagon bbl., nickel finish, gutta percha grips. The cartridge revolver has a brass post front sight and no address or patent markings on the rare short barrel, the late style frame without a capping groove, “937” assembly/conversion number on the rear of the cylinder and breech plate, “572” serial number on the barrel and frame, and partial serial number “72” hand marked inside both grips. CONDITION: Excellent with 95% plus original nickel plating, strong original niter blue on the hammer and trigger, and minimal light age and storage related wear overall. The grips are also excellent and display attractive natural aged tones, crisp checkering, and minor handling and edge wear. Mechanically fine. Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection. Estimate: 1,400 - 2,250

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