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LOT 3021
Phenomenal Conrad F. Ulrich Factory Engraved Gold & Platinum Inlaid Deluxe Carved Model 1893 Rifle
Magnificent Gold and Platinum Inlaid Conrad Ulrich Attributed Factory Panel Scene Engraved Marlin Deluxe Model 1893 Special Lightweight Lever Action Takedown Rifle - Serial no. 164469, 30/30
cal., 22 inch round bbl., blue finish, fancy walnut checkered stock. Manufactured in 1898. This spectacular Marlin Model 1893 Special Lightweight Rifle features relief carved game scenes on the receiver, gold and platinum inlays on the receiver, barrel, forend, loading lever and hammer and deluxe checkered stock. The barrel is blued. The receiver, forend tip, loading lever and hammer have a color casehardened finish. The stock and forearm have a low luster varnished finish, and the matching number stock is fitted with a black checkered hard rubber buttplate with the Marlin monogram in the center. The rifle features Marlin Grade No.
15 Engraving executed by Master Engraver Conrad Ulrich. The right side
of the receiver features a game scene with a moose and is decorated
with intricate scrollwork on a punch dot background. The left side of the receiver has a relief-carved panel that depicts three hounds and a stag
at bay. The Marlin catalogue depiction for this scene is illustrated on
page 532 of “Marlin Firearms” by William S. Brophy. A ram’s head is relief- engraved in a circle on the bottom of the receiver and outlined with a gold inlay. The scroll engraving covers the top of the receiver, the upper receiver tang and the sides of the loading lever and hammer. The forend tip is engraved with relief carving and scrollwork. The rifle has gold inlays on the side of the bolt, the top and sides of the receiver, the sides of the loading lever and hammer and the forearm. The barrel is inlaid with alternating gold and platinum bands at the breech and has an oval gold inlay around
the caliber designation: “30-30”. The breech end of the barrel has light scroll engraving. The barrel is fitted with a folding leaf rear sight and a front sight with German silver blade. The top of the receiver is marked “MARLIN SAFETY” in an engraved panel. The barrel is roll stamped “-MARLIN FIRE- ARMS Co., NEW-HAVEN, CT. U.S.A.-” with arrows on either end above “PAT’D . OCT. 11. 1887. APRIL. 2. 1889. AUG. 1. 1893” ahead of the rear sight. The left side of the barrel is marked; “SPECIAL SMOKELESS STEEL.” ahead of the receiver. The serial number is located on the underside of the receiver. Only five Marlin Model 1893 Marlin Special Lightweight Rifles with deluxe No. 15 relief engraving and gold and platinum inlays are known to have been manufactured.

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