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  Daniel B. Wesson Horace Smith
     LOT 3062
Very Scare Smith & Wesson No. 2 Lever Action Repeating Pistol - Serial no. 21, 41 Volcanic cal., 8 inch part octagon bbl., blue finish, rosewood grips. This No. 2, Type I, Lever Action Repeating Pistol was manufactured by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson in Norwich Connecticut c. 1854. This pistol
has an eight-inch, part-round/part-octagon barrel with integral, ten-shot, magazine. The distinctive Type I features which include: (1) receiver with pronounced hump behind the trigger, (2) flat, un-crowned, muzzle, and (3) flat T-bar spring. The receiver has the two spring guide screws at the bottom introduced about serial number 20. The loading lever has the distinctive finger spur. A fixed, screw-fastened, rear sight is mounted on the top of the receiver. The hammer has a hand-checkered spur. The flared butt has two- piece rosewood grips. The barrel has a brass, pinch-top, front sight and steel, clam-shell shaped, magazine follower. The top barrel flat is roll-stamped: “SMITH & WESSON/CAST-STEEL NORWICH CT, PATENT” in two lines. The
serial number is stamped on the left side of the frame underneath the grips and written in pencil on the inside of both grips. The sides of and top of the receiver, back strap and side plates are decorated with the open, scroll-and- leaf, engraving that was standard on S&W lever action pistols. The barrel/ magazine were originally browned and the receiver blued. The rosewood grips have a varnished, piano, finish. Smith & Wesson manufactured and estimated total of 500 large frame No. 2, Lever Action pistols including a small number with six-inch barrels. Type I, No. 2, Smith & Wesson pistols are rare.
CONDITION: Very good. With
the exception of the magazine
follower which appears to be period replacement, this rare pistol is all original and retains traces of the blue and brown finish. The browned barrel has faded to a plum colored patina with some scattered age discoloration. Metal surfaces are smooth and the edges are sharp. The markings on the
top flat are crisp. The receiver has a silver-gray patina with some scattered age spotting. The sides and top of the receiver are smooth and free from scratches and pitting. The simple but well executed factory engraving is crisp. The loading lever, trigger and hammer have the same silver gray patina as the receiver. The refinished flared grips retain most of the varnish finish and are in very good condition. This is a solid representative example of a scarce and historically significant S&W Type I, No. 2 Lever Action Repeating Pistol. Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 13,000 - 19,000

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