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Largest firearms auction ever!

$20 Million at RIAC is Largest Firearms Auction Ever

09/12/2018 By Joel Kolander   Cutting right to the chase, the 2018 September Premiere Firearms Auction held by Rock Island Auction Company is the largest...Read More
Colt Lightning revolver

Record Participation Brings $7.3 Million in June Regional

6/26/2018 By Joel Kolander In Rock Island Auction Company’s recent trend of hosting mammoth-sized, 4-day Regional Auctions, their June 2018 event did not disappoint. Beginning...Read More
Invaluable logo

RIAC Cuts Ties With Invaluable

06/08/2018 By Joel Kolander   Recently several major corporations have made news by taking a stance advocating for stronger gun laws. The most notable of...Read More

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Gold Smith & Wesson No. 3 Target revolver

Smith & Wesson New Model No. 3 - Big Guns and Big Names

Guest Post 11/16/2018 Smith & Wesson’s New Model Number Three single-action revolvers are big guns. When equipped with a 6.5-inch barrel, the gun weighs in...Read More
Winchester Model 42 shotgun

Winchester Model 42 Shotgun Factory Engraved

Guest Blog 11/09/2018 Search Our Current Catalog For All Shotguns Winchester has produced some of the most iconic rifles and shotguns of all time. From...Read More
snaphance pistols, Italian

How To Identify Antique Firearm Locks

By Seth Isaacson 10/31/2018   The various forms of locks used on early muzzle loading antique firearms can be very confusing, but they also create...Read More

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