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We’ll be at our usual NINE tables Sec. 17LC, Tables 5 – 13. Come see some of the extraordinary firearms appearing in our May Premiere Firearms Auction.

Tulsa Fair Grounds
Expo Square
4145 E. 21st St.
Tulsa, OK

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Smith & Wesson Owned By Elvis Presley

Colt Python And Smith & Wesson Owned By Elvis Presley

Rock Island Auction Company is proud and extremely excited to offer one of the most important, well documented and sensational caches of objects including personal...Read More
Preview Hall

RIAC Begins 2017 By Setting Records

02/22/2017 When you have been the world’s #1 firearms auction house since 2003, people notice. When you have the best year in industry history, shattering...Read More
Finest Dance Revolver

RIAC Shatters Industry Sales Record with $63 Million in 2016

2016 had already proven itself to be a special year for Rock Island Auction Company. With the Robert Bretherton and Robert Lee Collections serving as...Read More

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Blunderbuss of Thomas Graham

The Blunderbuss of General Thomas Graham

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ELVIS revolvers and badge

Elvis Presley's Revolvers

03-17-2017 Revolvers of "The King" Elvis Presley One of the people in American history least likely in need of an introduction is Elvis Aaron Presley....Read More
Japanese Swords gunto

Wartime Japanese Swords

3/10/2017 Wartime Japanese Swords From the perspective of the modern wartime Japanese sword collector of vintage Japanese swords, the words “very fine” don’t often belong...Read More