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Colt Python And Smith & Wesson Elvis Presley

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Rock Island Auction Company is proud and extremely excited to offer one of the most important, well documented and sensational caches of objects including personal firearms belonging to the most significant cultural icon of the 20th century, “the King of Rock & Roll” Elvis Presley. A Colt Python, Smith & Wesson .357 and Elvis Presley’s Deputy Sheriffs badge are just some of the items coming up for auction.

Elvis Presley’s Colt Python

Colt Python Owned By Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley’s Smith & Wesson Revolver

Smith & Wesson Owned By Elvis Presley

Elvis Presleys Sheriffs Badge

Elvis Sheriffs Badge


Elvis Presley Photo with Badge

Elvis Presley Guns


Elvis Sheriffs Signature

Elvis Presley With Police