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John F. Kennedy's M1 Garand

06-30-15 By Joel Kolander The War Department Appropriations Bill of 1903 established many things, but the one that begins our story today is its founding... Read More

Daisy-Heddon V/L Rifle - The Caseless Ammo .22

By Joel R. Kolander May 14, 2015 You can also watch our video on this rife by clicking here.   When you heard this was... Read More

Auction Bidder Notifications

3/26/2015 Rock Island Auction Company is pleased to announce our Bidder Notifications service. This advancement, typically only offered by the largest of online auctions, will... Read More

Why is the Colt Python So Popular?

01-23-15 By Joel Kolander Around Rock Island Auction Company, collector firearms are a way of life. Whether it's guns from the Old West, Class III... Read More

The Life of A Gun Collector, Part III

Gun Collector Part III 02-07-14 By Joel R. Kolander If you progress to the third and final stage of firearms collecting, you, and your collection,... Read More

The Life of a Gun Collector, Part II

01-24-14 By Joel R. Kolander As covered in the first segment of this series, there are different stages to collecting. Despite the fact that there... Read More

The Life of a Gun Collector, Part I

01-10-14 By Joel R. Kolander Gun Collector Tips From The Pros The sun is rising, warming the cool morning air, and providing a halo for... Read More

The Unsung Trapdoor Rifle

10-25-13 By Joel Kolander In terms of American military long arms very little attention is given to a predecessor of the much heralded M1903 and... Read More

Why You Should Avoid Import Marks

09-25-13 By Joel Kolander Nobody wants something they value trashed.  This is true of everyone, but especially for collectors.  Whether it's Ming vases, cars, priceless... Read More