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Rock Island Arsenal: Origin

Joel Kolander 10/01/2015 The Rock Island Arsenal has long been a seat of the locale known as the Quad Cities Area. Those few acres of... Read More

Top Guns: 2015 September Premiere Auction

Joel Kolander 09/24/2015 Here we go again, fellow firearms collectors! Another successful auction and another recap that shows you the highlights, over achievers and most... Read More

The Piedmont Collection of World Class Kentucky Rifles

Joel Kolander 09/04/2015 They go by many names: Kentucky rifles, American longrifles, Pennsylvania rifles, and so on, but they all reference a single style of... Read More

Bank Robbery Turned Gangster-Era Shootout

08/28/2015 By Joel Kolander   The Union Trust Co. Bank had a branch located on Xenia Avenue in Dayton, OH, that had been robbed three... Read More

Did This Tommy Gun Rob A Bank?

08/21/2015 By Joel Kolander When RIAC received a very fine condition Thompson submachine gun for our 2015 September Premiere Auction, it came with a pretty... Read More

5 Guns That Belong In the Met

Joel Kolander 08/14/2015 If you have an interest in gun or art collecting, you know that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City... Read More

The Admiral, The King, & The Inventor

Joel Kolander 08/06/2015 Think of the "action movie cop" stereotype. You know, the one who refuses to play by the rules, but is so good... Read More

Arsenal of Innovation - Part II

Joel Kolander 07/24/2015 Our previous article on the Rock Island Arsenal covered a portion of the goods produced by the industrious island. I began writing... Read More

An Arsenal of Innovation, Part I

Joel Kolander 07/17/2015 When I began to research different aspects of the Rock Island Arsenal for our ongoing series of articles covering the island, I... Read More