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Top Guns: 2015 June Regional Auction

Joel Kolander 07/9/2015 Here we go again, collector friends! These are some of the heavy hitters, growing trends, and unexpected performers from 2015 June Regional... Read More

John F. Kennedy's M1 Garand

06-30-15 By Joel Kolander The War Department Appropriations Bill of 1903 established many things, but the one that begins our story today is its founding... Read More

Introduction to the Rock Island Arsenal

Joel Kolander 06/18/2015 Rock Island, Illinois is an area with a fascinating history. Its location on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River made it... Read More

Inland M1 Carbines: Past and Present

Joel Kolander 06/04/2015 The rumblings of a modern production M1 carbine from the newly founded Inland Manufacturing have been around since October of last year.... Read More

Which Winchester Will Win?

Joel Kolander 05/29/2015 After our auctions we've been writing articles to let you know what the top dollar guns are in their respective genres, as... Read More

Daisy-Heddon V/L Rifle - The Caseless Ammo .22

By Joel R. Kolander May 14, 2015 You can also watch our video on this rife by clicking here.   When you heard this was... Read More

Dashing Derringers

Joel Kolander 04/17/2015 Concealed carry is a big topic in the firearms community right now. People discuss which calibers are best, which position is safest... Read More

150 Years: The Lincoln Assassination

Joel Kolander 04/08/2015   One hundred and fifty years ago on April 14, our country was changed forever by a single gun shot to a... Read More

Gifts of the Third Reich

Joel Kolander 04/03/2015 When you auction as many firearms as we do, and with Germany being a primary participant in one of last century's largest... Read More