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The Silver Standard of Winchesters

Joel Kolander 10/23/2014 Gold inlaid Winchesters always attract attention at auction. Most times, that gold embellishment was reserved for special presentation or exhibition pieces that... Read More

Fantastic Flops: The Walch Revolvers

Joel Kolander 10/8/2014 Typically, we like to write about the guns that will be appearing in an upcoming auction. Not only do we hope to... Read More

Who Made It Better - PP vs 1911

Joel Kolander 09/04/2014 As gun collectors we love to debate. AK or AR? 9mm or .40? Remington 870 or Mossberg 500? '73 Colt or '73... Read More

Good Things Come in Pairs: Hummingbirds

Joel Kolander 08/27/2014 The title of today's article may have more than a few collectors scratching their heads. "What on earth do hummingbirds have to... Read More

Good Things Come in Pairs: Artisan Blades

Joel Kolander 08/21/2014 It's not all guns here at Rock Island Auction Company. As many of you are already aware, RIAC also sells a great... Read More

Good Things Come in Pairs: Artisan Pistol Sets

Joel Kolander 08/14/2014 If you've been reading articles in the last month, you know that Rock Island Auction Company has been taking a closer look... Read More

Centennial of the Great War

Joel Kolander 08/07/2014 "I foresee that very soon I shall be overwhelmed by the pressure forced upon me and be forced to take extreme measures... Read More

Good Things Come in Pairs: German Rarities

Joel Kolander 07/31/2014 Thanks to two studious German military collectors, Rock Island Auction Company has amassed a German Military arms collection that will stun enthusiasts,... Read More

Good Things Come in Pairs: John Ulrich

Joel Kolander 07/17/2014 They say that "good things come in pairs," so why should Rock Island Auction Company be any exception to this long-lived idiom?... Read More