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McCormick’s "Horseman" Flintlock: The First U.S. Martial Pistol

Danielle Hollembaek 03/29/2019 The Colt M1911, Luger, and Browning Hi Power are all classic military pistols that collectors have come to know and love all... Read More

Smith & Wesson Bicycle Guns: Dog Defense

Guest Blog 03/21/2019 The term “velocipede” may be foreign to most today, but it was familiar in 19th century Europe, where it was another way... Read More

The Tiffany Sword of General James W. Forsyth

Danielle Hollembaek 03/14/2019 Too often history demands answers. We want to hear the narrative of good fighting against evil, and we want clear conclusions of... Read More

Guide to Pistols: The Over 200 Year Evolution

Danielle Hollembaek 03/13/2019 The Extraordinary History of the Pistol    Pistols are essential to any gun enthusiast's collection. From their ease of use to their readily... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Gun Auction Sites

By Danielle Hollembaek 03/01/2019 Whether you are looking for a new hunting rifle or an antique firearm to add to your gun collection, you are... Read More

A Letter to NRA Voters from RIAC President Kevin Hogan

By Kevin Hogan 02/25/2019 Dear Voting NRA Members, It is my pleasure and honor to run for a spot on the NRA Board of Directors,... Read More

The 15 Most Expensive Old Guns That Have Sold at Rock Island Auction

By Joel Kolander 02/21/2019   Gun shows and local gun stores have long been the preferred method for finding and collecting old guns. If you... Read More

Rare and Extraordinary U.S. Military Gun Prices

By Joel Kolander 02/11/2019 Exploring Remarkable U.S. Military Gun Prices The United States has been fighting in wars since The Shot Heard Round the World.... Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Antique Firearms

By Danielle Hollembaek 02/07/2019 The hobby of collecting is a passion people start doing as children. Whether it is gathering an assortment of stamps, cards,... Read More