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Technology of the Revolutionary War

Joel Kolander 07/02/2014 As we celebrate this Independence Day weekend, let's examine one of the weapons used on the battlefields that forged this nation that... Read More

The Flight of Jefferson Davis

Joel Kolander 06/26/2014 By April 1865, the Civil War was spinning out of control for the Confederate States of America. The first day of that... Read More

The First & Last Confederate President

Joel Kolander 06/16/2014 Today, Jefferson Davis is remembered by many as the enemy of the United States for his role as the first and only... Read More

70th Anniversary of D-Day

Joel Kolander 06/06/2014 By the time you read this, much will already have been published about the men who landed in Normandy, France on what... Read More

Wild Days in Hell's Half Acre

Joel Kolander 05/22/2014 Lots of people and places of the Old West get spun into tales of "Pecos Bill" size proportions. One minute someone is... Read More

The Revolver of Clyde Barrow

Joel Kolander 04/21/2014 Clyde Barrow, the latter half of the infamous 'Bonnie & Clyde,' is one of most recognizable names from the Depression Era's list... Read More

Colt Lightnings & Thunderers

Joel Kolander 04/17/2014 Well, friends this is it. The last article of our 9-part series that shows off the exciting, historic, spectacular, and beautiful firearms... Read More

Luxurious Le Page Shotguns

Joel Kolander 04/16/2014 Collector friends, you are in for a treat today. We have for you two spectacular shotguns from Parisian gunsmith Le Page. These... Read More

Samuel Colt's Henry Rifle

Joel Kolander 04/15/2014 Our first item truly takes its place not only as a star of this article, or even of this genre, but as... Read More