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Incomparable Cartridge Colts

Joel Kolander 04/14/2014 Our last article about two particularly famous Colt revolvers was enough to get Colt collectors' hearts pumping. We can't promise that today's... Read More

Evolution and Variations of the Winchester 1866

Joel Kolander 04/9/2014 Did our title grab your attention? It should have! One of the reasons we are so elated about our May 2014 Premiere... Read More

Superior Sporting Arms

Joel Kolander 04/04/2014 Why waste time? Let's get things started right and show you this amazing trio of original, cased Holland & Holland engraved Royal... Read More

German Military Investments

Joel Kolander 03/26/2014 All items contained in this series will be available in our May 2014 Premiere Firearms Auction to take place May 2-4, 2014.... Read More

Winchester Gold Standard

Joel Kolander 03/19/2014 We have recently been receiving such extraordinary, high quality, rare, and historic pieces that we simply cannot keep them to ourselves! For... Read More

1911s of the First World War

Joel Kolander 02/27/2014 U.S. military arms are popular with all levels of collectors. Whether you want a M1 Garand to take out and shoot, a... Read More

1911s of the Second World War

Joel Kolander 02/14/2014 As we all know, when American decided to enter World War II after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor it was... Read More

The Life of A Gun Collector, Part III

Gun Collector Part III 02-07-14 By Joel R. Kolander If you progress to the third and final stage of firearms collecting, you, and your collection,... Read More

Why The Iver Johnson Deserves Some Respect

Joel Kolander 01/30/2014 When one mentions old firearms manufacturer Iver Johnson, it's often in a way that doesn't garner much respect.  One might elicit a... Read More