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From the 1893 Columbia Exhibition to the Gold Mines of Nevada

Joel Kolander 07/03/2013 The most exciting part of collecting firearms is the histories. That's right, plural. Multiple histories. The first being the history of a... Read More

5 Things You Might Not Know About Antique Firearms

06-20-13 By Joel Kolander On any given news day, one sure hears an awful lot about modern guns.  The term "assault weapons" gets thrown around... Read More

5 Things You Might Not Know About Antique Firearms

Joel Kolander 06/14/2013   Here at Rock Island Auction Company we see weapons of all shapes and sizes, from impressive carriage-mounted Gatling guns to the... Read More

A Bunch of "BOOM!"

Joel Kolander 06/12/2013 Note: All explosives are inert. When walking through our warehouse, sometimes an item is so uncommon it jumps out at you and... Read More

Beware of Dog

Joel Kolander 04/29/2013 Here's a confession for you: today's article isn't even about a weapon that Rock Island Auction Company is putting up for bid.... Read More

Historic Antique Spurs

Joel Kolander 04/11/2013 When you speak of the American West certain names seem to keep coming up: Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, "Wild Bill" Hickok,... Read More

The Pedersen Device

03-15-13 By Joel Kolander We here at RIAC love Winchester rifles and rightly so.  Only one manufacturer can claim the title "the gun that won the West,"... Read More

Brothers from Another Mother?

Joel Kolander 03/06/2013 "Winchesters with a number of special and deluxe features are becoming impossible to find as we are rapidly learning. Collectors are partial... Read More