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Free Shipping!

Free Shipping Promotion Rules.   December is the season for giving, and RIAC wants to join in on the festive spirit. Our 2019 February Regional... Read More

Collector’s Firearms vs. Hunting Guns: 3 Distinct Differences

To the average person, there may not be many differences between a regular hunting gun and collector’s firearms. They may generally look similar to one another,... Read More

10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018

12/19/2018 By Danielle Hollembaek   Who would have thought back in 2016 when we started our Instagram page we'd be on our way to 20,000... Read More

Top 10 Sale Prices for the December Premiere Gun Auction

12/06/2018 By Danielle Hollembaek   Another Premiere Gun Auction has come and gone for RIAC, and this one was special.  With a realized total of... Read More

The Gyrojet Pistol

11/27/2018 Guest Blogger When the 1960s dawned, the future was bright and anything seemed possible - including outer space exploration and colonization. NASA had been... Read More

Collector Firearms  Available With Master Engraving | Rock Island Auction

11/21/2018 Guest Blog View all of our Single Action Army Revolvers in the December gun auction. One of the most well-known engravers of collector firearms and revolvers  was A.A.... Read More

Smith & Wesson New Model No. 3 - Big Guns, Big Names, and Big Guns Auctions

Guest Post 11/16/2018 View all Smith & Wesson Revolvers in the December Premiere Auction Smith & Wesson’s New Model Number Three single-action revolvers are big... Read More

Winchester Model 42 Shotgun Factory Engraved

Guest Blog 11/09/2018 Search Our Current Catalog For All Shotguns Winchester has produced some of the most iconic rifles and shotguns of all time. From... Read More

How To Identify Antique Firearm Locks

By Seth Isaacson 10/31/2018   The various forms of locks used on early muzzle loading antique firearms can be very confusing, but they also create... Read More