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Archive - August, 2013

Browning Arms High Power Pistol 9 mm Luger Engraved Plate

Harrowing Histories

Joel Kolander 08/29/2013 Humanity's fascination with villains goes back almost as far as written language itself. Names such as Herod the Great, Nero, Attila the...Read More
Showing a close up of the sight safety and a inconspicuous looking slide release lever at lower left.

John Browning & The Birth of the Model 1911

Joel Kolander 08/22/2013 The sight of a M1911 pistol evokes over 100 years of firearms history in a single glance. Carried on the hips of...Read More
George Custard

Did Custer Die in this Coat?

Joel Kolander 08/16/2013 "I am not impetuous or impulsive. I resent that. Everything that I have ever done has been the result of the study...Read More
Butch Cassidy Dressed Well

Butch Cassidy's Colt and the End of the Wild West

Joel Kolander 08/9/2013 It is no coincidence that the Old West and gun collecting go hand in hand. For firearms manufacturers, it was a time...Read More