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Archive - July, 2014

Super Rare Original Fully Automatic Class III/NFA World War II German C.G. Haenel Manufactured Mkb.42(H) Assault Rifle with Original Sheet Metal Sniper Scope Mount and ZF41/1 Sniper Scope

Good Things Come in Pairs: German Rarities

Joel Kolander 07/31/2014 Thanks to two studious German military collectors, Rock Island Auction Company has amassed a German Military arms collection that will stun enthusiasts,...Read More
Winchester 1866 Rifle 44 RF

Good Things Come in Pairs: John Ulrich

Joel Kolander 07/17/2014 They say that "good things come in pairs," so why should Rock Island Auction Company be any exception to this long-lived idiom?...Read More
Lot 2100: Revolutionary War Style Verbruggen Three Pound "Grasshopper" Cannon with Carriage

Technology of the Revolutionary War

Joel Kolander 07/02/2014 As we celebrate this Independence Day weekend, let's examine one of the weapons used on the battlefields that forged this nation that...Read More