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Archive - August, 2014

Very Rare Factory Presentation Cased "Kolibri" Semi-Automatic Pistol with Ammunition

Good Things Come in Pairs: Hummingbirds

Joel Kolander 08/27/2014 The title of today's article may have more than a few collectors scratching their heads. "What on earth do hummingbirds have to...Read More
Historic Tiffany & Company 1852 Pattern Naval Officer Sword

Good Things Come in Pairs: Artisan Blades

Joel Kolander 08/21/2014 It's not all guns here at Rock Island Auction Company. As many of you are already aware, RIAC also sells a great...Read More
Pair of Jean Jaley Flintlock Pistols

Good Things Come in Pairs: Artisan Pistol Sets

Joel Kolander 08/14/2014 If you've been reading articles in the last month, you know that Rock Island Auction Company has been taking a closer look...Read More
Canadian troops go "over the top" during the Battle of Vimy Ridge

Centennial of the Great War

Joel Kolander 08/07/2014 "I foresee that very soon I shall be overwhelmed by the pressure forced upon me and be forced to take extreme measures...Read More