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Archive - October, 2015

John Brown

John Brown's Raid at Harpers Ferry

Joel Kolander 10/16/2015 November 7, 1837 was a turning point for John Brown. It was on that date that abolitionist publisher Elijah Parish Lovejoy was...Read More
Kentucky Flintlock Rifle 62

The First Truly American Firearm: The Kentucky Rifle

Seth Isaacson 10/22/2015 In the Pennsylvania countryside in the early 18th century, a uniquely American firearm was born that helped thirteen separate colonies defeat the...Read More
Attractive Panel Scene Engraved Winchester Model 1866 Carbine

Winchester 1866: A Smart Collector's Choice

Joel Kolander 10/30/2015 If you've been collecting firearms for even a small amount of time, you know about the iconic Winchester Model 1866 rifle. A...Read More
"Sauk & Meskwaki Indians" by Karl Bodmer

Rock Island Arsenal: Origin

Joel Kolander 10/01/2015 The Rock Island Arsenal has long been a seat of the locale known as the Quad Cities Area. Those few acres of...Read More