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Archive - March, 2015

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Auction Bidder Notifications

  Since 2015, Rock Island Auction Company has offered our helpful Bidder Notifications service to customers. This service is only performed by the largest auction...Read More
Colt 1877 Thunderer Revolver 41 LC

Colt Family Tragedy: Caldwell Hart Colt

Joel Kolander 03/26/2015   Samuel Colt and his contributions to a young nation are nearly mythic in scale. People speak of Col. Colt in reverent...Read More
Ross barricaded in attack.

Wells Fargo's Shotgun Messenger, "Hold the Fort" Aaron Ross

Seth Isaacson 03/19/2015   The history of the American West is perhaps the most mythologized aspect of our nation’s past. The very mention of “the...Read More
An assortment of fine lugers

A Lifetime of Lugers

Joel Kolander 03/05/2015 This article, appropriately enough, is being distributed on Georg Luger's birthday, March 6. It is the 166th anniversary of the occasion. Happy...Read More