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Archive - April, 2015

Colt Third Model Derringer with Leather Case

Dashing Antique Derringers

Joel Kolander 04/17/2015 Concealed carry is a big topic in the firearms community right now. People discuss which calibers are best, which position is safest...Read More
Abraham Lincoln in 1865 by Alexander Gardner - Library of Congress

150 Years: The Lincoln Assassination

Joel Kolander 04/08/2015   One hundred and fifty years ago on April 14, our country was changed forever by a single gun shot to a...Read More
Historic Chest Decorated with Finely Inlaid Scenes from Richard Wagner's Opera Siegfried

Gifts of the Third Reich

Joel Kolander 04/03/2015 When you auction as many firearms as we do, and with Germany being a primary participant in one of last century's largest...Read More