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Archive - November, 2017

Whitney Wolverine blued

Rise and Fall of the Whitney Wolverine

11/28/2017 By Joel Kolander The design of the Whitney Wolverine might have some thinking it's a bit out of place among the other collectible and...Read More
RIAC Auction Hall panorama

5 Gun Auction Bidding Tips from RIAC CEO, Pat Hogan

11/17/2017 By Pat Hogan & Joel Kolander Gun Auction Bidding Tips The 2018 December Premiere Firearms Auction will be one of the largest Premier Auctions...Read More
French knife pistol with corkscrew

Knife Guns!

11/10/2017 By Joel Kolander Knife Guns! Today, we might view having a gun on our knife as leaning toward a comedic level of overkill. However,...Read More
big bore rounds

Shooting Fat Mac - The .950 JDJ Collector Firearm

11/3/2017 By Joel Kolander Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more great gun videos! Our videos on the SSK Industries rifle chambered in 950 JDJ,...Read More