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Archive - July, 2017

Rappahannock Forge flintlock pistol

The Flintlock Pistols of Rappahannock: The Forge that Armed America

07/27/2017 by Andrew Padavich Authentic Revolutionary War firearms are rare items to find. Examples fortunate enough to still exist are rapidly approaching 250 years in...Read More
Gary Cooper Smith & Wesson revolver

3 Smith & Wesson Revolvers with Famous Owners

07/21/2017 By Joel Kolander We all know the frequent lament of many a gun owner: “If only this gun could talk!” Often voiced when pining...Read More
Gun Auction facts

We Deal in Guns... and Facts Julias Gun Auction

07/20/2017 By Joel Kolander Julias, Maine Gun Auction In the marketing and advertising world, there is a lot of pride at stake over being “the...Read More
M1 Garand prices

M1 Garands Prices & Trends (with historical values)

07/11/2017 By Joel Kolander There are dozens of M1 Garands in the December 2018 Auction, price estimates from $900 - $55,000. Prices continue to climb...Read More
M1 with collimator sight

The Top 10 M1 Garand Rifles

07/07/2017 By Joel Kolander UPDATED 09/19/2018 Also read M1 Garand Prices & Trends   With Independence Day barely in our rearview, I thought it a...Read More