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Archive - January, 2019

Fine Allen & Thurber 1837 Patent Pepperbox Pistol

The Pepperbox Pistol

By Danielle Hollembaek 01/16/2019 Small, inexpensive, and effective for self-defense are three characteristics that made the “pepperbox” revolver highly desirable in the civilian market during...Read More
1883 Burgess rifle

The Colt Burgess Rifle and Samuel Colt

  01/11/2019 By: Joel Kolander     Samuel Colt is often remembered as much for his business sense and marketing prowess as he was for...Read More
Buffalo Bill Colt 1861 Navy

Top 10 Guns of 2018

01/04/2018 By Danielle Hollembaek 2018 has finally come to a close, and it was a HUGE year for Rock Island Auction Company. Throughout the entire...Read More