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Archive - April, 2019

Samuel Colt and Robert Adams

Revolver Showdown: Samuel Colt’s 1851 Navy vs. Robert Adams’ Double Action

Seth Isaacson 4/23/2019   Ask any American firearms collector what inventor made the most important revolvers in the mid-19th century, and you’ll almost certainly hear...Read More
Experimental Patent Model Colt 1851 Revolver

Schenck’s Hair Trigger: In Patent & In Practice

Guest  blog 04/15/2019 Hair triggers were not a new idea when Mr. Schenck of San Antonio patented his related device in 1866. What was new,...Read More
The first ever Parker Borthers .410 Bore Shotgun

A History of Parker Brothers Shotguns

By Danielle Hollembaek 04/10/2019   When thinking about longstanding firearm companies, one question that frequently comes to mind is, “Where did these businesses get their...Read More
John Blissett Percussion Belt Pistol

A History of Scottish Pistols

By Brian Beck 04/04/2019 That time of year is almost upon us again! The time of year where you pull your kilt out of the...Read More