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Archive - June, 2019

Iconic Winchester 1866

What Makes Winchester Firearms So Valuable?

by Danielle Hollembaek 06/15/2019 The name “Winchester” rings through the years of gun collecting past, carrying a prestige few other manufacturers can reach. But how...Read More
Sharps derringer

The Origins of Sharps Antique Derringers

by Danielle Hollembaek 06/11/2019 In the 1850s, the extreme popularity of antique derringer pistols swept the nation like wildfire. Henry Deringer, the man who made...Read More
Matt Carriker Uzi

Demolition Ranch Gets an Uzi

By Joel Kolander 06/07/2019 By now, most of you are probably familiar with YouTube channel DemolitionRanch. Hosted by Matt Carriker, it is the single largest...Read More
pistol braces

Technical Compliance: The Braced Pistol

By Ryan Sullivan 05/24/2019 History is replete with examples of politicians and leaders attempting to come up with rules to restrict human behavior… and upstanding...Read More