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Archive - August, 2019

Extremely Rare Documented Fabrique Nationale High Power Semi-Automatic Pistol, Serial Number "1", with Authentication Letter by FN Among the First Weapons Made After the Liberation of Belgium in 1944

John Moses Browning's High Power Pistol

Danielle Hollembaek 8/22/2019 You’d be hard pressed to find a firearm designer who will ever be as important as or more prolific than John Moses...Read More
Mateba Unica 6 Double Action Auto-Revolver

Semi Automatic Revolvers: The Webley-Fosbery and Mateba

Guest Blog 08/20/2019 At the end of the 19th century, governments around the world began seeing the functional advantages of semi automatic pistols over single...Read More
Izhevsk AK-47 rifle

Reproduction Old Guns Are More Difficult Than They Seem

Guest Blog 08/14/2019 Almost any gun forum on any given month will have at least one person asking “Why can’t I get a cheap reproduction...Read More
baby nambu with ammunition

Japanese Nambu Pistols

Danielle Hollembaek 08/06/2019 The Nambu pistol is a classic Japanese semi-automatic handgun created for military service by its namesake Kijirõ Nambu. Like many Japanese military...Read More
Thank you from RIAC

Answering Your Questions About Rock Island Auction Company

08/02/2019 At the beginning of July, we issued a short survey about our gun auction catalogs, how you bid at Rock Island Auction Company, and...Read More