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Class III
Over 30 Class III Arms in this Auction
German Schmeisser MP28II Submachine Gun
  Fine German Merz/Erma cos/ayf MP-40 Sub-Machine Gun with Extra Magazines and Mag Pouch
German MG-34 Machine Gun with Accessories
   Heckler & Koch/TSC Machine/ Fleming Firearms HK51 Belt Fed Machine Gun
 Exceptionally Rare World War II Mauser StG-44 (byf code) Assault Rifle, Class III/ NFA DEWAT Machine Gun
esirable Early Production ArmaLite/Artillerie-Inrichtengen AR-10 Battle Rifle Serial Number “003230
 Desirable Auto-Ordn Hurley Model 1928
Fully Automatic Ma
British Mark V STEN Machine Gun
ance/West Thompson chine Gun
  Excellent Heckler & Koch/
Knight’s Armament HK5 elect Fire Rifle
1928A1 Submachine Gun
Scarce Fabrique
Nationale Belgian
Army Type D Class III/NFA “Sales Sample” Machine Gun with Extra Barrels
DLO/Rock Island Browning Model 1917A1 Machine Gun
with Accessories
 U.S. Auto-Ordnance Thompson Model
  British Model 1918 Vickers Machine Gun with Accessories
Sterling Mark 1* Lanchester Submachine Gun with Bayonet
Scarce Buffalo Arms M2 “30 Cal” Class III/NFA C&R Fully Transferable Machine Gun
 World War I 1918 Production M.A.N. Model 08/15 Maxim Heavy Machine Gun with Bipod and Belt Drum
  Premier Auction: Fine, Historic & Investme
Excellent Smith & Wesson Model 76 Submachine Gun with Extra Magazines
 nt Grade Firear
Chinese Model 1908 Maxim Machine Gun with Accessories
 U.S. Property Marked Colt M16A2 Burst-Firing Machine Gun with Box
                           ms - September 10th, 11th & 12th, 2021

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