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Foreign Military
 Over 150 Foreign Military Arms in this Auction
 Featuring the Collection of Clive Cussler
    Extremely Rare Documented “Heinrich Himmler” Presentation J.P. Sauer Model 38H Semi-Automatic Pistol Photographed in the Book J.P. Sauer & Sohn
 Attractive Presentation Engraved World War II Walther PP Semi- Automatic Pistol, Documented as a GI Capture Straight from the Walther Factory in Zella-Mehlis, and Attributed to General Gotthard Heinrici, Eastern Front Commander and One of the Final Defenders of Berlin
  Historic World War II Adolf Wagner Nazi Presentation Walther PPK Semi-Automatic Pistol with NSDAP Slide Inscription Dated 1937
 Exceptional Cased Ludwig Loewe Model 1893 Borchardt Semi-Automatic Pistol with Matching Numbered Accessories
   Scarce Early German Proofed Fabrique Nationale Model 1935 Hi-Power Semi-Automatic Pistol with Tangent Sight and Slotted Back Strap with Holster
 Extremely Rare World War II Early Production Krieghoff FG42 Type I Paratrooper Machine Gun
Exceptional and Scarce Japanese Tokyo Arsenal Baby Nambu Semi-Automatic Pistol with Matching Magazine and Original Ammunition
Very Rare Imperial Japanese
“North China” Type 19 Semi- Automatic Pistol
    Walther Party Leader PPK Semi-
Automatic Pistol
Walther P.38 “Zero Series” Semi- Automatic Pistol with Holster
Rare Japanese
Model 1902
Grandpa Nambu Semi-Automatic
Pistol with Matching Combination Holster/ Shoulder Stock
Extremely S U.S. DWM American E Luger Semi-
World War II German Mauser K98 Bolt Action Rifle with Capture Plaque
carce and Excellent Model 1902
agle Cartridge Counter Automatic Pistol
 Extremely Rare
1906/34 Portuguese Contract Mauser Banner Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol
 with Matching Magazine
Model 1893 Semi- Automatic Pistol Rig with
Four Matching Magazines, Matching Shoulder Stock with Leather Holster and Accessories
Excellent Walther PPK Semi-Automatic Pistol with Rare
Night Sight
  Scarce World War II Walther G41(W) “Push Button Bolt Release” Semi-Automatic Rifle
 Rifle with
World War II Japanese Nagoya Type 2 Paratrooper Bolt Action Desirable Type 100 Bayonet
Impressive Set of World War II Fallshirmjaeger Regiment Cuff Titles
From the Collection of Putnam Green/ Sycamore

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