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Tom Lewis
Over 900 Antiques in this Auction
Incredibly Ornate Relief Carved and Chiseled 17th
Century Austrian Wheellock Sporting Rifle by the “Master of the Animal-Head Scroll” with Spanner
Exceptional Documented Chiseled, Carved, and Silver
Mounted Neapolitan Miquelet Smoothbore Sporting Gun by Camerchioli, Matteo Fonzo, and Lupi Dated 1827
Incredibly Scarce Engraved, Silver Mounted, 1781 Dated, and Chelembrom Magazine Repeating Flintlock Sporting Gun with Bayonet
From the Collection of
      Very Scarce and Equally Fine “Master of the Castles” Ornate Inlaid and Gilded Wheellock Pistol
   Extremely Fine Pair of Engraved, Raised Relief Carved and Gilt Claude Niquet Flintlock Pistols
Historic Documented “Ferdinand Maximilian von
Oesterriech” Inscribed and Engraved Superposed Barrel 18-Shot Double Action Pinfire Revolver with Mexican Imperial Eagle Pendant
 Extraordinary “Sultan Presentation Quality” Gold Inlaid Ottoman Damascus Barrel Flintlock Pistol with Elaborate Silver Mountings
Very Fine & Unique Engraved Pair of John Dickson & Son .297/.230 (Morris) Single Barrel Sidelever Bar-In-Wood Hammer Target Pistols in
 Case, Made fo
Magnificent Cased Exhibition Quality Engraved and Silver Plated Pirlot Brothers Licensed Adams Model 1851 Double Action Percussion Revolver with Accessories
r General Sir Montagu Glibert Gerard, Famous Victorian Soldier, Diplomat and Big Game Hunter
Ornate Highly Embellished Turkish/Caucasian Miquelet with Damascene Lock
Elaborate Exhibition Grade Gold Embellished and Relief Engraved Sharps Patent Style Pepperbox Pistol
n Flintlock Pistol
Extraordinary Finely Engraved Gold and Silver Mounted Joseph Cooper Percussion Pistol
 Exhibition Quality Factory Engraved and Gold Inlaid Manufacture Francaise d’Armes et Cycles de St. Etienne Gaulois Palm Pistol with Purse Holster
 Early 19th Century Relief Chiseled French Flintlock Cane Rifle
Larry Mattson
  and Sword Cane Marked Price, London
14 Premier Auction: Fine, Historic & Investment Grade Firearms - September 10th, 11th & 12th, 2021

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