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  Spectacular and Extremely Rare,
Factory Documented Gustave
Young Factory Engraved Smith &
Wesson Model 320 “Buntline Special” Revolving Rifle with Shoulder Stock and Case
From the Collection of
Exceptionally Rare Ca
sed Pair of Factory Engraved Smith & Wesson No. 2 Lever Action Pistols
Historic Presentation Cased Pair of L.D. Nimschke Engraved, Gold & Silver Plated Plant’s Mfg. Co. Front Loading Revolvers with Accessories
Exhibition Quality L.D. Nimschke Engraved Cased U.S. Arms Co. No. 32 Pocket Revolver with Pearl Grips
Cased New York
Exceptional Del
uxe Exhibition Quality Engraved, Gold
Plated, and Specially Stocked Williamson Derringer
Superb Cased Pair of Rare Consecutively Serialized Oscar Young Factory Exhibition
Deluxe Engraved Smith & Wesson New Model No. 3 Target Revolvers with Pearl Grips,
Extra Barrel and Factory Letters Presented to Two Identified New York Competition Target Shooters Including New York Police
Officer William Petty Revolver
Made in America
 Featuring the Brandhorst Collection & the Collection of Roger Muckerheide
   Dr. Gerald Klaz
 Kentucky Rifle Association Best Relief Carved Rifle Award Winning Engraved Golden Age Flintlock American Long Rifle
Significant Documented, Engraved, and Carved Long American Flintlock
Smoothbore Hunting Gun Attributed to by Hans Jacob Honaker of Virginia with Sideplate Inscribed for A. Moode on Sept. 15, 1789
Attributed to John Bonewitz
 Documented Carved “Golden Age” Southern Flintlock American Long Rifle
 Documented Carved “Golden Age” Southern Flintlock
Historic Van Wart, Son & Co. Percussion Double
Barrel Shotgun Inscribed to Alexander Majors, Co-Founder of the Pony Express
American Long Rifle
 Incredibly Scarce and Exceptional
Documented “Extra Fine” Engraved Sharps Model 1853 Slant Breech Octagon Barrel Percussion Sporting Rifle with Copy of a Factory Letter
 Rare Smith & Wess Lever Action Pistol
Extraordinarily Rare Cased Presentation Remington
Very Scarce Factory “Extra Fine Engraved” Sharps Model 1852 Slant Breech Octagon Barrel Percussion Sporting Rifle
  Vest Pocket Pistol
Rare and Historic Samuel Davis Attributed New York Map Powder Horn
Factory Oscar
Young Gold
Inlaid and Inscribed
Smith & Wesson New
Model No. 3 Target Revolver with Pearl Grips and Rare Pipe Case
  on No. 2, Type I
    Early 19th Century American Lambert’s Patent Marked Percussion Cane Gun
 Retailer Marked Engraved Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Percussion Double Action Pepperbox Revolver
Rare Factory
Engraved Remington Elliot Patent 32 Caliber Pepperbox Revolver
Very Fine and
Desirable Blue Finish Remington Model 1890 Single Action Army Revolver
  Premier Auction: Fine, Historic & Investment Grade Firearms - September 10th, 11th & 12th, 2021

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