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Early U.S. Military
 Historic Documented Civil War Union Sharpshooter’s Cased William Craig, Pittsburgh Percussion Target Rifle with Morgan James Scope, False Muzzle, Accessories, Powder Horn and Diaries of R.J. May of Company D of the 2nd Bucktail Regiment and the Sharpshooter Battalion
The Most Comprehensive U.S. Military Collection Ever
Offered at Public Auction From the 1700’s through World War II
 Extremely Rare Well-Documented Montana Found Historic Custer Battle Era Frank Wesson Tip-Up Single Shot Rifle with Native American Tack Decorated Stock from the U.S. Cartridge Co. Gun Collection and “Custer
Battle Guns” by duMont
Exceptional, Possibly Finest Known, Civil War Berdan’s Sharpshooters Sharps New Model 1859 Percussion Rifle with Leather Sleeve Inscribed J. B. Baker
 Exceptional U.S. Springfield Model 1875 Trapdoor Officer’s Rifle
ncredibly Scarce L.D. Nimschke Signed Master Engraved Remington Model 1865 Navy Rolling Block Pistol
 Outstanding Hoard’s
Armory Freeman Army Model Percussion Revolver
  1863 Dated Civil War U.S. Henry N. Hooper & Co. 12-Pound Napoleon Cannon with Carriage and Limber
Incredibly Scarce and Historic Documented Spanish-American War Colt Model 1895 Gatling Gun in .30-40 Krag with Carriage, Limber, and “The Rough Rider” Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt
     Civil War 1861 Dated
Griffen 6-Pound
Field Gun with Carriage
1837 Dated Ames Model 1835 Bronze
6-Pounder with Carriage
Civil War 1862 Dated State of New
York Delafield Rifled Field Gun with Carriage
Very Scarce Civil War 1864 Dated West
Point Foundry 3 Inch Parrott Rifle with Carriage
Premier Auction: Fine, Historic & Investment Grade Firearms - September 10th, 11th & 12th, 2021

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