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 From the Collection of
Mac McCroskie
Tom Lewis
Well-Documented, Historic Factory Exhibition Engraved Winchester Deluxe Mo
1873 Lever Action Rifle with Dual Presentation Plaques Presented by The Winchester Repeating Arms Company to Captain Jack Crawford and then Gifted to Fellow Western Scout and Poet James Barton Adams
Incredibly Rare and Desirable Factory Cased Colt Belt Model Paterson No. 3 Percussio Revolver with Flared Grip, Second Matching Cylinder, and Other Accessories
The Ultimate Ge
 Incredibly Fine and Historic Cased Pair of Exhibition Chiseled and Relief Carved Parisian Percussion Dueling/Target Pistols by Gastinne-Renette with Coordinating Suite of Accouterments Displayed at the 1851 Crystal Palace Exhibition in London, the First World’s Fair
  From the Collection of
“ Eng
   Magnificent Pair of Highly Embellished Exhibition Quality German Parlor Pistols by Adolph Frohn of Suhl
Extremely Rare Historic Colt Model
1910/1913 John Browning Prototype Semi-Automatic Pistol Serial Number 3, Extensively Documented in Two Monumental Reference Books
Dr. Robert Azar
From the Collection of

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